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Reviewer: Fultoo

Sleepy Hollow

Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci and all and sundry
Fultoo's Rating : **

Head could barely stop rolling and still…

It could have never been truer than this. The movie advertised as the -'The heads will roll' really sent the viewers' heads rolling and I wonder how much time it took them after the movie to stop the rolling. Sleepy Hollow, suppose to horrify you to sleepless nights, falls disappointingly short of the class of horror movies like Omen, The Exorcists, and to some extent the recent one Stigmata that Hollywood has produced in recent times. Spare for few hair raising decapitation scenes, this movie has nothing to hold you at the seat. And that too if you see one such scene, you have seen them all.

The entire movie revolves around a headless horseman hunting for his skull only to fit it back on his body to give a Dracula kiss to a sweet girl turned sorcerer who also happens to be the controller of the ghost. The girl who has now become a witch to avenge for all the tribulations she had to undergo due to some people of the village, was also instrumental in the slaying of the reckless warrior some 20 years back, who has now become her hitman…oops… the headless horseman.

Complex 18th-century detective Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent to the village of sleepy hollow more as a challenge to his scientific approach to investigation. And well, there was hardly any intricacy in the case to warrant even a speck of investigational stint as the desperate spree of the headless horseman to behead, was blowing trumpets about the plot.

In Tim Burton movies you are seldom able to identify any strong characterization. The characters appear to be more comical than with any substance. (Remember Batman?) . And this adaptation of Washington Irving's novel is no different. And if you are a skeptic, all I have to say is better save the worth of a ticket for a sane purpose.

Reviewed by Fultoo >>>
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