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Reviewer: PSK

'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider'

Angelina Jolie: Lara Croft
Jon Voight: Lord Croft
Iain Glen: Manfred Powell
Noah Taylor: Bryce
Daniel Craig: Alex West
Directed by Simon West rating: 2.5 on 5.0
Running Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes


Tomb Raider, based on the largely popular video game, comes with very less substance, loads of action and sustains audience interest for brief periods of time. On a pure entertainment level Tomb Raider is a success as it is entertaining to watch some of the action sequences but lacked that 'something' to have made it a great Summer action film. If you are into gaming and like action this is for you, for just one time.

The story goes like this. There are two hidden halves on separate sides of the globe which when united form the "Triangle of Light". The possessor of Triangle of Light would have the power to go back and forward in time, in short the powers of God. The trcik however is to reunite the two pieces just in time when once in a 5000 years planetary alignment occurs. As usual there are bad elements in the film: a group called Illuminati and they hire Manfred Powell (Iain Glen) to acquire the two pieces and do the triangle uniting. And now the Lara connection. Laras dad Lord Croft (played by her real father Jon Voight) has the mechanism to unite the triangle and leaves all the knowledge to Lara via a written note. Remember he is dead when Lara is a child. It is amusing to see Lara receiving a letter from her dad giving hints to the place he has kept the secret written in a note. Lara also finds a clock suddenly ticking backwards, as if to indicate a countdown and lo ... she finds the ancient key to open all secrets leading to the two pieces of the triangle.

Wearing tight tops and short shorts, Lara Croft starts off in search of the two pieces and so does the Illuminati via Manfred Powell. The rest follows. The plates changing hands, Lara helping Illuminati find the other plate with the knowledge given by her father, etc etc and in the end Lara destroys the plates as per the instruction from her father whom she happens to meet when she gets the Traingle of Light. Not to mention, the bad men are all killed. With the trademark long braid and weapons strapped to either hip, Jolie certainly looks much similar to the video game Lara. Coolness personified and always unfazed, Jolie breezes past her role. If this elaborate film hasn't been able to do much good for her, we can always hope that a sequel will give it one more try. Simon West, after a fabulous Con Air, largely

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