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Dr. Mohan Babu 's Bio-Data

About the Star:
Hailing from a rural agriculture family, he rose to the exalted ranks of the most ornamented artiste, successful producer of purposeful films, eloquent representative of the people and the founder of a chain of prestigious educational institutions in the backward area of Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh by dint of his hardwork, dedication and determination.

A victim of casteism in his early professional life, he took a vow to strive hard for a casteless, egalitarian society. As the founder - chairman of 'Sree Vidyaniketan Educational Institutions' he saw to it that 25% of seats are offered to students of economically poor backward classes, free education and boarding are provided to them. 'Freedom from want is the real freedom' he says and helps the poor and downtrodden in the hour of need. When people were struck with cyclone and other natural calamities, he rushes to the area of devastation with medicines, food, utensils and of course money. A committed artiste like his dear 'Anna' N.T.R. he donated liberally to various welfare measures to a tune of nearly 50 lakhs from his hard earnings.

You can say his childhood was a well-stocked case of merriment. Stage and playgrounds fascinated him to a greater degree than a scholastic work. A chilly moonlight evinced a moderate gathering, where a stage was set to perform a 'Gypsy's' Character by a lad of hardly fourteen years, whose hands were all tremble, criss-crossing eyes unmasking shyness and fearfulness, stood on the dais, laying open to the public view the uncanny, natural and prolific abilities of a debutant, that stunned the spectators, fore speaking the fact that the talents of a gifted artiste were on footing. His father, a school Headmaster, wanted him to study hard and soar high in studies. But our hero had other plans in his mind. After finishing his graduation, he left to Madras to try his luck in films. But, he landed up in the YMCA College of physical education as a physical instructor. He worked hard and paved a small way into the film industry as an Assistant director. But even then no one were willing to take our hero know for his straight forwardness under their wings.

About the actor
The glamour of tinsel world mesmerized him. A merge salary of Rs.50 per movie as an assistant director way back in mid-seventies was no way covering his needs. His hunger-pangs were urging him to pole-vault against the order side of the camera. No producer worth his guts were willing to bet this money on this six-foot hunk known for his brash style. Watching others get roles to play made things worsen for our hero morally. But success is made of sterner stuff and greater determination. He kept trying, not quitting for he knew winners never quit, quitters never win. Then at last he came under the wings of Dr. Dasari Narayana rao. More often than illustrious men had a laborious past. Our hero is no exception. So came a break for our hero in first movie "Swargam Narakam" directed by his guru Dr. Dasari. He was then just Bhaktavatsalam Naidu, christened by his parents, rechristened as Mohan Babu by his Guru. And this set him on an onward, never look back voyage of discovery. Well, he didn't want just in Telugu so he gave a hand even in Tamil. 'Chevalier' Sivaji Ganesan had initiated him into Tamil movies and now our hero has 20 Tamil movies to his credit.

Up to date out hero has done 500 movies in short span of 25 years in this film industry. He proved one and all that he could dwell in any role of his choice, be it comedian, Hero, Villain, Character artiste, you name it and he's got the guts to do them all in the picture perfect scene. He has donned more than 80 pictures as a Hero. His unique and wonderful way of orchestration of dialogue cast in the classic mould of non-acting genre making him the darling of masses, the real admirers.

As a producer his first film was "Pratignya" which was a super hit in the year '82. He has made more than 30 films till date. Mention here should be made of his 'Pedarayudhu' which cast him in a dual role had set records of sorts in the 70 year old long history of south Indian cinema, a record still unfazed. His 'Major Chandrakanth' the Magnum opus is a tribute to his dear Anna Dr. NTR. The relationship shared by our hero and Dr. NTR was something, which everyone envied of. They were like two brothers inseparable. Major Chandrakanth was NTR's last social picture.

His beloved brother Dr. NTR with his blessings in 1995 elected our hero for the Member of Parliament for Rajya Sabha. He was elected for Rajya Sabha, hoping he could help people even better and expand his services. He lived up much more than their hopes. With his spirit of sacrifice and the power of action besides the mass following he had. Our Hero won many awards for the best artiste from the press, Cultural organizations, Screen, Film fare and many others. All the awards as the 'Best Artiste may be numerable, but the real love and the titles as the 'Collection king' and 'Nata Prapoona' from the people of Andhra Pradesh are measureless, even if they are just a couple of them. A special mention should be made about his picture Pedarayudhu for which he bagged 12 'Best Actor' Awards and 5 Best Producer Awards.

Our hero was awarded by the University Of California with a 'Doctorate' for his outstanding achievements in the field of films and education. The 75 years old Writers Guild Of Canada awarded him with an honorary membership for his contribution in the field of story writing. He was made the deputy member for the International Parliament for Safety And Peace, U.S.A in due recognition in his achievements in the field of Education. The Glory of India International Award, which was awarded to Mother Teresa, was also awarded to him for the same. These are a few eloquent symbols of his mighty achievements as an artiste and as a Man. And he continues to press through frontier after frontier year after year. For our hero believes in not going where the path leads but instead wants to go where there is no path and leave a trail for deep within the wisdom of uncertainty lies the real zeal of life.

courtesy: www.mohanbabu.com

End of Bio-Data
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