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Pawan Kalyan - Bio-graphy
Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan started his career as a hero with a film 'Akkada Ammai Ikkada Abbai'. This film did not do well in spite of having all the ingredients of commercial cinema. This film had Supriya, the grand daughter of Akkineni Nageswara Rao as the heroine and the man with Midas touch, EVV Satyanarayana directed this film.

Pawan Kalyan had to take a brief break after the release of his first film, as there were no offers for him. His second film is 'Gokulamlo Seeta', which is a family oriented film directed by Muthyala Subbaiah. This film did well due to the nice story line. Raasi did act as heroine in this film. Pawan Kalyan could manage a decent hit with 'Gokulamlo Seeta'.

Pawan Kalyan's third film was Supergood film's 'Suswagatam'. This film was released on 1st of January. It is a youth oriented film with a message in it. Suswagatam welcomes the change in youth by not going after the girls. With this film Pawan could attract youth towards him, as it's a college love story. Suswagatam has earned the tag of salable hero to Pawan Kalyan. Bheemineni Sreenivasa Rao directed this film.

Toliprema, released as the fourth film from Pawan Kalyan shocked the Industry with its stupendous box-office collections. Directed by a debutante Karunakaran, this film depicts the life of college student who falls in unconditional love with a cute girl. This film tickled everybody's heart with its sensitive portrayal of love. Keerty Reddy is the heroine in this film. Pawan Kalyan did amass a huge youth following with this film. Especially in Nizam, most of the college going youth used to identify themselves with Pawan Kalyan.

The next logical film followed was Tammudu. If Toliprema shown the world what Pawan Kalyan can do with his good judgement of directors, this film shown him as the new avatar for the box office sensation. Another debutante PA Arun Prasad directed this film. This film introduced two heroines to Telugu cinema. They are Preety Zingyani and Dr. Aditi. This film is not as enterprising as Toliprema. But, due to commercial elements in this film, it has become one the biggest blockbusters of the year 1999. Ramana Gogula's voice and music gave a new facet to Pawan's magic. This film made the buyers go bonkers.

His next film 'Badri' was sold for an astronomical amount of 11 crores. Released on 20th of April, Badri started off with a flop talk. Another debutante Poori Jagannath directed this film. Two heroines, Amisha Patel and Renuka Desai were introduced to Telugu Cinema with this film. But it went on to become another blockbuster of the year showing the supremacy Pawan Kalyan holds on the box-office. This film is a one-man show by Pawan Kalyan. It was greatly appreciated by the masses of Telugu Cinema.

Pawan's latest block buster Kushi did rewrite the annals of Telugu film Box office in the most of the areas. The slick direction by SJ Surya, the charms of Bhumika Chawla and the mellifluous music by Mani Sharma added to the Pawan Kalyan's Charisma. This film is expected to collect more than 25 crores in AP alone. From his film film, Akkada Ammai-Ikkada Abbai to his latest film, Kushi - the career graph and success rate of Pawan Kalyan went up like the inflation rate in India.

His next film would start in the month of November. For the starters, Pawan Kalyan would direct a film for Chiranjeevi soon. On 2nd of September, Pawan Kalyan is going to celebrate his birthday in USA, where he is getting trained in Martial Arts.

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