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Sahaja Nati Jaya sudha - - She is a gift to Tollywood
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Jaya Sudha

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Some actresses were born with a gift called "Naturality". This naturality is a must for an actress when she portrays the mother or wife or sister to make us realize the importance of a woman's role in our daily life. Some of the roles Jaya Sudha donned always remind me of one of my own family members feelings. Jaya Sudha, "Sahaja Nati" has that impact on Telugu audiences. Besides Sharada, Jaya Sudha always entertained us with her excellent dialogue delivery, characterization and contributed to couple of our major hero movie successes.

Today (17th December) is Jaya Sudha's birthday. I don't know who gave her the "Sahaja Nati" title but for sure he/she did a good job. Jaya Sudha came to the Tollywood in 1972. So far she acted in more than 276 movies and holds a unique record of 24 releases in a year as a heroine. Her early years commercial hit movie "Idhi Kadha Kadu" is still remembered for excellent songs and good action by all the actors. She did terrific performance roles with ANR and Krishnam Raju.

ANR's movie with Jaya Sudha directed by Dasari always stormed the box-office. My all time favorite movie in that combination is "Premabhishekam". ANR acted like a lover boy before Jaya Sudha enters and automatically raced for performance with Jayasudha, that's how Jaya Sudha brought the best action out of our heroes. Another wonderful movie with ANR was "Bahudurapu Batasari" in which Jaya Sudha almost dominated ANR in every aspect.

She made several Krishnam Raju's movies masterpieces with her excellent and gripping action. I don't remember in what movie she acted like a wife of KR, in which when KR was about to die with dehydration she really made the entire audience cry with her emotions.

Jaya Sudha acted with Murali Mohan in number of movies and because of her roles only those movies are still remembered. Her role in Gruhapravesam with Mohan Babu in fighting for justice is copied in several movies with all permutations and combinations. Sharada brought the "special character" heroine image to the limelight with her voice and Jaya Sudha mastered the image. She was never considered as glamour heroine from the initial gets going and that I consider as a gift to our Tollywood


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