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Giri Babu

Telugu Film Industry is proud to give birth to several great stars, actors , directors, music directors, cameramen, producers etc without whom we would not have experienced the bliss of a Telugu movie. We, at salute all those great personalities. As a special feature on this solemn day, wishes to introduce a fortnightly feature of these coveted people of tollywood exclusively for our viewers.

Today, we would like to explore the contributions of people's actor Giribabu. Giribabu, a well-built and tall personality started his filmi career with the movie Jagame Maaya in the year 1973 and since then he has never looked back. Though his first movie was not a big hit, success found Giribabu in his later films. His first major break was with AVM Productions Nomu released in the year 1974. His later films Vayasochina Pilla, Doo Doo Basavanna, Sri Rama Raksha, Oorikichina Maata etc established him as an actor.

Giribabu is one of those different actors who portrayed every kind of role in Telugu movies. He is one among those actors who can act or for that matter live in any kind of role. His roles in Sahasavanthudu, Vayasochina Pilla , Simha garjana etc as a villain were recognized in the industry by one and all. His comedy roles are a feast for the audience and that makes him popular from film to film. His roles in recent movies like Chitram Bhalare Vichitram, Ninne Pelladutha, Pelli etc give us a glimpse of his acting prowess.

Giribabu is one among those few actors who also tried his hand in producing movies. Although he was not very successful in this respect, his film "Devathalaara Deevinchandi" which was released in the year 1977 was recognized by the audience as a good movie. The movie had Chandramohan and Prabha in the main lead.

Giribabu although a very successful actor is liked by industry people because of his humbleness in the industry. It is said that he gets along well with all the artistes in tollywood irrespective of their experience in the field. We at salute this unique artist for his contributions to tollywood for over 25 years.

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