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BATA & PNRIF hosted Jaipal Reddy & JP in Bay Area
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April 27 , 2007

Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) and Palamoor NRI Forum hosted a dinner meeting the honorable Union Minister of India Sri Jaipal Reddy and Lok Satta Party Founder Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan on May 24, 2007 at Mayuri Indian Cuisine, Santa Clara, California. The dinner banquet was attended by many NRI's in the Bay area. This event was partly sponsored by and Jessie Tax Services. Mrs. Vijaya Aasuri (Cultural Coordinator of BATA) welcomed Shri Jaipal Reddy and Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) onto the stage. Mrs. Aasuri alluded that Jaipal Reddy is not only a prominent leader of Congress Party, but also a humble leader of Indian people and democracy. While introducing JP, she stated that JP quit his top administrative position in the Government to educate and inspire the youth and older generation in order to radically change the current political system in India. On this occasion, Mr. Jayaram Komati (Secretary of TANA) stated that it is the Bay Area Telugu community's honor to have great leaders of AP among us for dinner here tonight.

Mr. Yugandhar Reddy Karakala (President of BATA) stated that we are fortunate to have Jaipal Reddy and JP with us this evening. Mr. Karakala further stated that Jaipal Reddy has been representing the people of Andhra Pradesh for last forty years in various positions. Further he stated that Jaipal Reddy has been very outspoken and intelligent person in the Assembly and Parliament. Speaking of JP, Mr. Karakala admired his courage and dedication and sacrifice for taking a path for inspiring the people of India in understanding the current political system, and what needs to be done. Shri. Jaipal Reddy started his speech thanking BATA and Palamoor NRI forum for hosting dinner meeting in elite bay area. Jaipal praised the achievements of India people in USA. He stated that the success of India people abroad is often a topic and inspiration in India among many people including politicians.

Jaipal stated that "Twenty to Twenty Five years ago when people started migrating to USA, we thought it was a brain drain; however, if they had not gone to USA, it would have been 'brain would have drained' for them." He welcomed the recent trend of people returning to India due to better job opportunities and improved economy. Further he stated that the world is becoming a global village because of non-invasive inductive technology. Because of this, one can stay in USA and do business in India and vice-versa. He advised that people should rise beyond their education and qualification and gain knowledge from multiple fields to broaden their horizon and enjoy the society. Jaipal Reddy concluded his speech wishing the best to all Indians in Bay Area and USA. During JP's speech, JP mentioned that he admires Jaipal Reddy's ideology. He stated that "Jaipal is a Tulasi Mokka in the Ganjayi vanam (a jasmine in cocaine field)". JP stated that he is not against any political party and their leaders; however, he is against the current political system. JP stated that we need to achieve the political and economical and political system that was thought by Mahatma Gandhi, Sardarvallabhai Pael, Ambedhkar, Nelson Mandela, Martin LutharKing JR and other prominent leaders. He said, we have been privileged to have highest quality people such as Manmohan Singh, Arun Shouri, Suresh Prabhu, Arun Jaitley, Budhadeva Bhatthacharya, etc. in the face of adversity. The tragedy is that the current political inertia/system does not allow them to do any better beyond a certain point.

JP mentioned that we had a cleaner system when we got independence, and we need to restore that. He said that this is a political challenge. He mentioned that many third world countries overcame these challenges, but India could not, and as a result there are millions of people suffering from this. Further he said, even today, 65-70% of the newborn's future is decided by the Government and political system at the time of the birth. JP said the state must provide guaranteed FREE education up to 12th grade along with medical and other basic needs. He alleged that state/system is not doing what it ought to do. JP said that this fight for basic needs is no less than the fight we had for independence. In fact, the independence fight was much clear in the sense that it was been local versus foreigner; now the fight is in our mind; against the demons in our society. He described that this is a much complicated fight. JP appealed to the attendees that we need transform material to modern politics. JP praised NRI success stating that you are an example of what you can achieve given the fair opportunity. Most of the NRI are very normal people back in India, but they are highly successful thought our world wherever fair opportunities are available. This (NRI) is the first generation of Indian people showing us that we are not less than others in the world; we compete and win in the global world given the fair opportunity. JP stated that "leaders like Jaipal Reddy and many others led the fight through out their career to bring changes in the political system; now we need to take this charge; they have given us the tools; we have the capability." JP concluded stating that he is creating a platform for people to fight for the following: a) Correct political system, the system that dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and others; not the commerce politics. b) The current political system can not go beyond certain limit; we need to change that to meet basic needs of people. c) Remove entry barriers by creating opportunities for all. JP appealed to NRIs that take the best of east and west and contribute to India to the best of your ability. He said, we have first world economics, and we need befitting first world political system.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Chavva of Palamoor NRI Forum(PNRIF) spoke at this occasion touched many hearts where in he requested Jaipal Reddy resolve perennial problems of the district. He appealed to all the audience to pledge support their effort to uplift the poor in this most backward district of the nation. He also requested Jaipal Reddy to influence central and state governments to allocate upcoming new university to Palamoor district. Palamoor NRI Forum played a video during dinner which depicted the poor and undeveloped conditions in Palamoor. Mr. Chavva thanks the attendees for joining the dinner meeting. Also, Nizamabad NRI Forum submitted a memorandum requesting the IT Park and other developments in Nizamabad. After the guest speeches, both guests have encouraged questions from the audience. The speakers have patiently answered the questions even though the program was reaching to mid-night. BATA executive committee members Yugandhar Reddy Karakala (President), Ravi Thiruveedhula (Vice President), Prasad Mangina (Secretary), Kalyan Kattamuri (Joint Secretary), Srinivas Kolli (Treasurer), Sreedhar Chava (Publicity), Ramesh Konda (Marketing), Vijaya Aasuri (Cultural programs), Srini Mangipudi (Event Coordinator), Satheesh Pola (Webmaster), Ramesh Mandalapu (Advisor), and Veeru Vuppala (Advisor) felicitated both the leaders with "shaluva", and thanked them for taking time to be with us this evening and providing us their insight on India's development and political system. BATA president Yugandhar Reddy thanked Palamoor NRI Forum for being co-organizer of the event. Thanked Sampath Kumar of Mayuri Indian Cuisine for sponsor dinner at the event.

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