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My Movie - Mitr: My Friend
You are at Home > Community > My Movie starts a new exciting section - My Movie. There are very few movies that touch the human being inside you. All you got to do is pen down your feelings about the movie and mail and share it with fellow visitors.You can send your 'My Movie' letters to [email protected]


Mitr-My friend and classic shobana

by Srilakshmi Katragadda

(Mitr-My friend directed by Revathy bagged three prestigious awards including best English film and shobana-best actress, and beena paul-best editor in the 49th National film awards)

After seeing this award-winning-amazing-movie "mitr-my friend", I surely want to share my feelings from the other side of the world with Idlebrain visitors. I am a telugu girl staying in Toronto, Canada and I picked up the dvd seeing shobana's picture on the cover as it's a familiar face to telugu-cine-goers. I inserted the dvd just before going to the bed on an usual working day thinking I could finish the movie in bits within the span of two to three days. Guess what?? I even forgot to go to the washroom in between. (mind you, Canada is a cold country!!) and I stuck to my seat as if I am glued…for 1hr45mts..then fearing I could not catch up with work the next day, I resisted to scan it for the second time.

Here are the emotions & feelings I went through… shobana is just awesome in this movie. She is familiar to us as "abhinandana girl" and the last movie I watched her was "rakshana". First the arch-feet of shobana caught my attention. Is she a classical danseuse I thought…for a second. Then I thought come on…she has established herself very well in the movie industry for the last 15+ years…why should she be still continuing with classical dance as sticking to fine arts needs lot of guts, dedication, stamina, love-towards-arts, patience, practice, so an and so forth. Moreover it is not money fetching for sure. My guess was after getting all the awards&rewards in the movies, classical dance was something which is very very tough to get on with…

Then I put a "search" on mitr-my friend movie to know more about the movie. It took me to the official website. I read how they thought about making this movie and why all-women-crew first for Indian cinema, their experiences during the making of the movie in California, US and the problems they faced like- their stuff reaching late, loosing expensive camera lenses in the peak time, how rain caused the delay as California weather is unpredictable etc…(it's tough obviously in a foreign land if you have unforeseen problems and I guess it affects more for movie shootings as it proves costly in form of money as well as trauma) Yes…it's an amazing movie with perfect in most of the things like dialogues, screenplay, editing, story, action which most of us look for. Revathy's first directorial venture was really commendable. Everybody looked to give their best and that mood is seen throughout the movie.

Again, coming back to classic shobana, I never watched her on bharatanatyam stage before (but I will now…and I am thinking of catching a flight to chennai instead of hyderabad to have a glimpse of her and her performances..) but in "mitr-my friend" she enacted the role of a mother and a wife so well. In one frame, I could see three to four different gamut of emotions flat like a combo deal which I am not familiar with seeing in any movie. Each and every frame where she enacted was real, natural, soothing sometimes…and inspiring no-doubt!! It is heard that three times, shobana has to travel between US to Dubai and India, to keep her dance performances going while "mitr-my friend" was on the sets in the US within a forty-five-day-period. Imagine the jet lag one could come across and she is said to be radiant, full of zeal and delight.

Now, since the best actress award is conferred on shobana for "mitr-my friend" in the 49th National film awards for the second time (she was awarded best actress before for Manichitratazu in 1994). I told myself shobana is a it classical dance, or movies. She seems to give-her-best in complex roles with so-much-ease … that arch-feet of her still haunts…I smile and say Yeah…she is a classical danseuse too…a big thing ofcourse for me.


Srilakshmi Katragadda

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