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Open Letter to Chiranjeevi
You are at Home > Community > Open Letters is frequently visited by all the Telugu film industry celebrities, who are net savvy. Here is a platform for the fans to express their sincere suggestions to their stars. Write open letters to your stars and we make sure that they are read by your favorite hero. But make sure that all the letters are positive-minded! You can send your open letters to [email protected]



I am a great fan of Chiru right from my childhood. I am doing my MS in computer science here in USA and I never miss anything about Chiru. For me, only two things in life make me forget about everything else in life.... one is cricket and other is Chiru movie. I just get involved and at least for that moment I will forget my problems.

I have been seeing so many suggestions to Chiru after Mrugaraju especially after Daddy. I think all fans are bit down because of no action dhamaka from Chiru since long time. I am not just suggesting Chiru to give us an action dhamaka because of rival heroes action pictures or whatever.

Just have a look into history and you can very easily say action is the forte of Chiru. Days have changed and now we shouldn't expect those types at least for the time being. Here I don't mean, no need for action movies. But it should be different from the past and present at least faction type action. Chiru does not need to shout big and loud dialogues since others are shouting like that. He doesn't need to do that. Chiru has great eyes and anyone in the industry who has Chiru or anyone who has seen him in movies can without any hesitation accept for this.

Make use of it, so called good (bullshit) directors and producers. He can do anything on screen comfortably. No doubt about that. Just ask your writers, friends, producers to think something different other than faction, goonda, rowdy type. I have a small suggestion. Just imagine Chiru with denim shirt, hair with gel, light beard in Jagapathi Babu's place in Ghayam for the scene where Balayya comes and explains about his daughter. Chiru can mesmerize audience in that scene with his serious looks with out shouting big and lengthy dialogues. This is just a piece of hint of how different you can look. You can very easily suit for Desi God Father version rather than for Desi Mrugaraju type. I still can't believe how Chiru camp even thought of attempting Mrugaraju desi version. I think main person behind this is director Jayanth. He can never make action dhamaka's. He may be very good in youth and romantic classy movies. But can never imagine a mass and class action movie from him. Somehow even after he leaving (asked to leave), the idea was persistent with Chiru camp. I think NagBabu who no way has brilliance in story selection and producing quality movies (who can see Bavagaru B and see production quality, story, photography, choreography.... everything is substandard.) stuck to it and became the man behind disaster, ultimate sufferer being the Devi Vara Prasad.

Devi Prasad is never known for those types of movies. Just don't leave your style Devi. Films, which you made earlier, can become hit in any generation. You know the mass pulse and it automatically attracts class except like Rickshavodu because of Chiru. So don't worry think for yourself in your style rather than trying to copy from English movies.

Naga Babu, you better stop looking for novels, historical books. You are so obsessed with your brother (naturally), you can't think critically about Chiru and you are not as intelligent as you show off.

I am wondering, what happened to Allu Aravind's intelligence? He is man who knows how to use Chiru to pull masses and classes. He is really really intelligent and you can see the way he made Daddy. Its really a good good sentimental movie. Only wrong with it was timing of release. It shouldn't have been after a Big flop and hit movie, where fans will be desperate for action dhamaka. No doubt that its far far better movie than so called family drama Hitler. Second half is simply superb with heart touching scenes and almost each and every scene in second half, Chiru simply touches the hearts with his pain and tears showing through his eyes. Guys should have been bit careful with first half screenplay till Kid enters the movie. It really lacked the punch.

I wonder why Allu Arvind chose writer Satyanand for this sentimental drama. He is good in writing mass and class oriented humorous dialogues. You can just see the movies he has worked for Chiru. Paruchuri or at least Posani or anyone else would have done a commendable job than him. Picturisation and art direction was simply superb in this movie. I am wondering, why can't Allu or Chiru ask at least one in three have Prabhu Dava as a choreographer? He is terrific and great fan of Chiru.

Just don't go producers like AM Ratnam who runs after heroes after big hits so that he can cash the craze and distributors. Think of acting in direction of Krishna Vamsi in desi godfather version, Guna Sekhar with full freedom, his own thoughts without any suggestions of chamcha's.

Finally believe me, give a chance to Pawan. He will show to the world how good you are. He gets so involved in the movie and he definitely knows the mass pulse. Think of theen mar, gudumbha and fights of badri. He definitely knows the pulse.

Just be careful with timing and sequence of the movies you make. Try to mix your action, family, and youth oriented movies intelligently like Venkatesh. He is intelligent in this aspect in spite of his limitations.

Never think of other hero's big hit movies. Never in the past I think you thought of that. I think you did iddaru mithrulu after seeing venky's pellichesukundham , bhavagharu Bagunnara was another bullshit movie in your list. I can't believe why you were so convinced about Sneham Kosam. Last 30 minutes is terrific but first 2 hours creates enough headaches by then. Why didn't ask them to work on that first half story.

About music, you were the trendsetter then with great great mass songs with dances for youth. Now a days, the spirit and elegance in your songs is definitely missing. Why don't you think of just good tunes rather than posh instruments, noises and get rid of that Udit Narayanan as quickly as possible?

Never get other hero movie hits influence you either it is NN, Samarasimha Reddy , Annamayya, Basha, Ninne Pelladatha...whatever it is. If not Chiru, at least his producers and directors definitely got influenced. No one is going to think of bringing fame and name for your acting skills, looks or whatever it is. All outside producers of you just think how to make buyers run after your film with crazy combinations, successful teams rather than working on story and how to show you differently.

Finally Allu you have made a great and genuine attempt with Daddy but just the timing of release after Mrugaraju and Manjunatha if at all should make some difference. I think its a slow poison this movie.

You can have Daddy or Manjunatha type movies just one out of three per year. But too much if it makes 2 of 3 a year. Take care.

Just don't get influenced by other movies. Concentrate more and more on music and dance sequences. Avoid dance masters like Tara, Brunda. Never avoid Prabu Deva. He knows how to make masses dance with you in theatres. Don't repeat dance masters for all six songs like Saroj khan for Daddy. Adu adinchu , patta pakkinti natu ....these songs could have been far better choreographed . Don't you think so?



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