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Meeting the Megastar by Kiran Gollamudi

After seeing that many Chiru fans are sending their photos when they met Chiru to IDLEBRAIN, which is the most popular cine portal, I also thought that I should also share my moments I met megastar Chiru even though it was almost 9months back.

I was August 27th 2002 the most memorable year as I've been to INDIA b4 I finish my M.S here at U.S.A. and my flight to come back to U.S.A. was at 7PM but I got from Chiru secretary that Chiru gave me appointment at 1PM on the same day. He wants to meet me in his house at JUBILEEHILLS. Even though there is very less time for me to catch the flight I went to his house to meet him and he is so such a nice person that he gave me appointment to meet him after the huge success of INDRA and having many appointments on the same day. He also waited for me for about 20min as I went late for 20min. we almost 13 people went to meet him, he treated everyone with lots of respect and arranged drinks etc for all of us and we had a nice time in his house for about 45min. It was the most memorable moment in my life and I just wanna share with you even though it's been long. He is very patient, he gave so much of lenience to all of us in his house we almost forgot that we came to MEGASTAR HOUSE. You can clearly see in the photos that we sat just beside him even on the sofa, I had my hands on him (like Friends) and just had a BIG HUG from him.....hahahaa!!

Any ways I wish him huge success in his life Thanks for the IDLEBRAIN for sharing this with my other MEGAFANS and friends.

- kiran.Gollamudi

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Fan File
Name Kiran Gollamudi
Star Chiranjeevi
Venue Chiru's house
Star Quote: 'Naa abhimanulandaru Naa Blood Brothers' - Chiranjeevi at Annayya function
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