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Golden Impressions
A collection of old pictures
telugu cinema - sirivennela

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Friday, March 14, 2003

The bygone days of black & white and eastman color cinema are often called as golden days. They comprise of an era that gave a new definition to entertainment in the form of cinema. They include an era that gave us the first stars and stalwarts who still continue to dazzle in our hearts. They boast of an era that gave us enchanting, enthralling and everlasting masterpieces. Golden Impressions is an attempt to recapture those glittering days that left some indelible impressions of gaiety, glitz and glamour, through various eye catching, bewitching and beautiful pictures for you to relish, regale and rejoice. After all, A picture is worth a thousand words! Isn't it?

Nagarjuna and Jaya Sudha in Vijay

Other Golden Impressions:
First Makeup still of NTR
Sudha Chandran in Usha Kiron's Mayuri
Dr. Bhanumati Ramakrishna
Bharata Ratna MS Subba Lakshmiin a film
NTR in Akbar Salim Anarkali
ANR and Jaya Prada
Sobhan Babu in Jagan
Jr. NTR in Bala Ramayanam
Talluri Rameswari in Mangala Toranaalu
NTR in Danaveerasura Karna

We would like to thank Sri Gudipoodi Srihari garu for all the pictures that we would be presenting here daily. As always, comments, compliments and suggestions are more than welcome at [email protected]

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