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Movie review - 123 (one two three)
(one two three)
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Jeevi rating: 2 (Two)
Banner: Siddesh Films
Cast: Prabhudeva, Raju Sundaram, Nagendraprasad, Jyothika, Uttej, Suttivelu, Pandu, Ganesh, Preethika.
Dialogues: Thotapalli Madhu
Camera: YN Murali
Music: Deva
Lyrics: Thomson, Ponduri, Bhuvanachandra, Rohini Krishna
Director - Subaash
Producer - B Kumar

Theatrical Release Date: 1st June 2002



Sreesailam (Nagendra Prasad) is a dumb guy. Badrachalam (Raju Sundaram) is a deaf guy. Tirupati (Prabhu Deva) is a blind man. These three people are buddies. They behave in such a way that the normal people fail to recognize the disability possessed by them.

Narmada (Jyotika) is a mysterious lady whose background is not known to anybody. She joins in the house that is shared by these three guys. She befriends them and three of them start loving her. Narmada invites Tirupati to a temple and pushes him on to the stairs from the top. At that time she was not aware that Tirupati was a blind man, as he acts very natural.

Narmada befriends Tirupati just to take revenge on him as he had let her brother murdered in front of his eyes. Narmada believes that Tirupati saw the murder, but gave a wrong alibi in court. When Narmada realizes that's Tirupati is a blind guy, she decides to help him out.

She finds that these three guys have special talent in each field like music, photography and painting. Hence she starts an ad agency titled '1-2-3' and succeeds in making it big. In the process, Narmada falls in love with Tirupati. But Tirupati doesn't want to express his love to Narmada as it makes his buddies feel down. Did Narmada and Tirupati unite at the end or not has to be seen on the silver screen.

Artists: Prabhudeva did well as a blind man. He served lots of situational comedy with his fine performance. Raju Sundaram and Nagendra Prasad too gave credible performance. Since, these two guys are not so famous, the director added a goatee to Raju Sundaram to distinguish him from Nagendra Prasad. Jyothika has put on lots of weight in this film, which made her look fat. Acting wise she did a neat job.

Technical performance: Screenplay of the film is very haphazard. The sequence of scenes in the first half is very confusing. Direction of the film is average and predictable. Music by Deva is a big let down. So are the dances by the leading choreographers of the industry Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram and Nagendra Prasad. Thotapalli Madhu's dialogues lack punch. Photography is just mediocre.

Analysis: The only strength of the film is situation comedy based on the disabilities of three protagonists. Otherwise it's an avoidable film. You may watch it on your video at leisure for the situational comedy it offers. The producers of this film tried to dupe Telugu audience by projecting '1-2-3' as the first Jyothika's Telugu straight film. But its yet another routine dubbing film rubbed on Telugu audience.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of 123 (one two three) Film Review
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