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Movie review - 2 much
2 much

Jeevi rating: 1/5
: 2 much of pain and migraine
Banner: Sri Chitra
Cast: Bala Kumar, Raasi, Chitra Mehata, Ali, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Surya, Chalapati Rao, Sudhakar, Rami Reddy, Venu Madhav.
Lyrics: Kula sekhar
Dialogues: Diwakar Babu
Photography: Rajendra Prasad
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Story - Screenplay - Music - Direction - Producer:
Veeru K
Release date: 22nd November


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Bullebbai (Bala Kumar) is a brat who is studying the same class for the past 5 years. He likes a girl named Seeta (Chitra Mehta) who joined the class recently. After futile attempts to woo her, he makes one last attempt. That is to go to Seeta's house and rape her so that she would be forced to marry him later. But in the state of inebriation he rapes Geeta (Raasi), the sister of Seeta. How he realizes his mistake and makes attempts to straighten out things forms the rest of story.


Artists: Hero Bala Kumar is another Malayam import. His histrionics are just average. He fails on the nativity front as well. The characterization of his role is very confusing. Chitra Mehta looks good, but can't be a good Telugu actress. Raasi played the second fiddle in this film. Brahmanandam, Ali, Surya and MS Narayana tried their best to entertain crowds, but lack of proper timing by director makes all their comedy go waste in the drain.

Story - Music - Screenplay - Direction: The director Veeru K seems to have gone bonkers this time. In a hurry to make a teen comedy film, he has forgotten the basics of screenplay and narration. Throughout the entire first half, you would be wondering as to what the director is trying to say. The second half is pretty confusing as well. Veeru K should have clarity in what he wants to convey to the audience. On the top of it, he provided music also. The songs are pathetic. Background music and re-recording is plain third-class rate. It is said that the director has completed re-recording and dubbing of the film before starting the shooting. And he is applying for Limca Book of Records. He copied some popular tunes and made parodies out of them.

Dialogues: Only saving grace of the film are witty dialogues by Diwakar Babu. There are lots of pun-oriented dialogues and PJs. He did not even hesitate to write vulgar dialogues in the second half. Its sad to see talented writer like Diwakar Babu not getting right offers to prove his mettle.

Other departments: Photography is average. Editing is bad. Costumes of hero are gaudy.

Analysis: First half of the film is pathetic. Second half is slightly better. Veeru K, the protégé of SV Krishna Reddy, dismally failed to provide entertainment. This film will definitely live up to its title '2 much' in terms of pain and migraine it causes to the patrons in theaters. The only place the director succeeded in evoking laughters from the audience is in the scenes where he cracks crude jokes in the second half. It's always better to stay away from this migraine inducing '2 much'.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of 2 much Film Review
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