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Movie review - Aaduthu Paaduthu

Aaduthu Paaduthu

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Jeevi rating: 2.75 (Two and three quarter)
Banner: CV Arts
Cast: Srikanth, Sunil, Gayatri, Raj, Brahmanandam, Bharani, M.S. Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Gautham Raju, Aditya, Naveen, Sathibabu and Sana
Art: Chinni
Photography: Shankar
Music: Chakri
Fights: Horman Babu
Editing: Kola Bhaskar
Dialogues: Chintapalli Ramana
Screenplay - Direction: Devi Prasad
Producer: CV Reddy

Theatrical Release Date: 4th April



Gopi (Srikanth) and Papi (Sunil) are wayward youth who lives in a bus that is converted into a mobile home. That bus is the only property that is inherited by Gopi from his father who was a popular drama artist. They plan to take loan from a bank and convert that bus into a mobile canteen.

They get Rs. 25,000/-, their first installment of loan from the bank. All of a sudden, a Banjara girl (Gayatri) enters their bus. They show sympathy towards her as she is innocent and does not even know how to speak Telugu. Papi, whose life ambition is to secure a visa to Dubai, arranges a job for this Banjara girl in Dubai through some agency in Hyderabad in return to some money and an assurance of a job for himself. Later on, it is revealed that the agency sells the girls to Dubai. Gopi goes to the agency and pays Rs. 25,000/- as the price and brings her back to his mobile home. Gopi and Banjara girl have feelings towards each other and they fall in love.

On fine day, Gopi and Papi discover that the Banjara girl carries a revolver. Then they investigate about her and find that her name is Gayatri and she is the daughter of CM (Chief Minister) of Tamil Nadu. When confronted, Gayatri reveals that she is fed up with politics of her father and flees away from home to enjoy the life of freedom.

Then she calls up her father and asks him to send Rs. 5 lakhs to the bank account of Gopi. She asks her father that favor in exchange of Gayatri going back to Chennai and marrying the bridegroom selected by her father.

Gayatri returns to Chennai. Gopi do not want to accept the bounty of Rs. 5 Lakh at the cost of freedom of Gayatri. He wants to return the money and free Gayatry from the clutches of her father. The rest of the story revolves around how Gopi along with three comedians create havoc in the marriage ceremony of Gayatry at Tamil Naidu CM's residence, before heading for a happy ending.


Srikanth: Srikanth looks fresh in this film and he donned several roles like these in the past. But, he tries his best to be different.

Sunil: Sunil got equal footage along with Srikanth in this film as his sidekick. But somehow, Sunil appears to have become redundant because of over exposure and using the same punches in his dialogues.

Gayatri: She is just OK. Her role is a limited one.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: The director seems to have adapted the screenplay of Tamil original as it is. Though the film is kitted with series of humorous incidents, the lack of grip on the script made the film boring at times. The direction of the film is average.

Dialogues: Dialogues in this film are good. Chintapally Ramana tried doing what he is best at. Writing comedy dialogues, that is! Again, the director failed to make those dialogues effective on the screen with bad timing.

Music: Music of the film is pretty average except for a situational song. Rerecording of the film is bad and at times, the music dominates the dialogues.

Analysis: It's a pretty average film that banks heavily on comedy. Comedy alone cannot save a film when there is no grip on the screenplay. Film is little boring, at times. The comedy in the film is very clean and mass oriented. This film might click well in B and C centers. You may watch this film in your home video. But it's not worth watching in a theater by sitting for two and half hours.

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