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Jeevi Rating: 2/5 (Two)
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Raveena Tandon, Manisha Koirala, Sarat Babu, Kitu Gidwani, Anu Hassan, Milind Gunaji
Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna
Music: Shankar Mahadevan
Story, Screenplay: Kamal Hassan
Camera: Thiru
Fights: Vikram Dharma
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Producer: Jaya Krishna

Theatrical Release Date: 23rd November 2001



Vijay (Kamal Hassan) is a military major. He has a girl friend Tejaswini (Raveena Tandon), whom he impregnates prior to the marriage. Vijay has a twin brother, Abhay (Kamal Hassan). Abhay is a psychopath, who was jailed for killing his stepmother when he was a kid. Abhay feels that Tejaswini ruins the life of Vijay. Abhay's aim is to save Vijay from Tejaswini by killing her.

Abhay escapes from the jail and is on hunt for Tejaswini. The entire film revolves around how Vijay saves Tejaswini from Abhay.

Artist Performances:

Kamal has done extraordinary job as the maverick psychopath Abhay. His scary expressions are simply superb. His role of Major Vijay is a dummy one. He is the saving grace of the film. Raveena Tandon's role is an ordinary one. Mani Koirala donned a role of Diva that lasts for 20 minutes in the film. Kitu Gidwani played the role of Kamal's step mom, who comes in the flashback. She is sexy and brilliant even at this age. Anu Hassan (a BITS alumni, who played the lead role in Suhasini directed 'Indira') played the role of Kamal's mother. Milind Gunaji played the hapless father of Kamal Hassan.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay: This film is based on a Kamal Hassan's novel 'Dayam', which was written 17 years back. He modified the two lead characters and made them twins in this film. Screenplay is shabby and needs a lot to be desired. The story aims to throw light in to the human aspect of a psychopath and illustrates how psychopaths are made.

Direction: The direction of the film in slick in parts. But, on a whole, it's a lazy effort. The movie goes on dragging. The good part of the film is of half-an-hour duration. The remaining two hours go on boring the viewers. Most of the scenes in this film are very unrealistic. Some of the scenes like Abhay consuming the 'ecstasy' and then going into the illusion world of cartoons and kill the Diva are good. But they are beyond comprehension of the regular Telugu moviegoer. The director has also offered a shock value to the audience in the scenes of portraying the ruthless insanity of the psychopath Abhay.

Music: Music of the film is inane and has nothing to offer. Songs are of poor quality. Dubbing of the film is done in a bad manner. Rerecording is also not up to the mark.

Photography: Most of the film is shot using filters and deliberate-inadequate light effects. The time-freeze effects in the Kamal - Manisha drug abuse episode and the final confrontation between two Kamals are very good.

Analysis: The film is brilliant in a few scenes. But these scenes too are so quickly executed that it's difficult for a common man to understand. The remaining scenes are routine and predictable. If you are a Kamal's fan, you can't afford to miss the Abhay's role in this film. Others can avoid it.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Paravasam Film Review
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