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Movie review - Adhipati
Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5
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Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5 (Two and three quater)
Official web site
: Click Here
Cast: Mohan Babu, Nagarjuna, Preethi & Soundarya
Music: Koti
Screenplay, Direction: Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Photography: Jayaram
Choreographer: Tarun
Stunts: Vijay Kumar
Producer: Mohan Babu M

Theatrical Release Date: 19th September 2001



Yogi (Mohan Babu) is the son of a High Court judge (Vijay Kumar). A politician (Narra) falsely implicates yogi, who got first rank in Civil services examinations, in a murder case. The judge father gives the judgment for son by jailing Yogi for six years. By the time Yogi is released, the politician dies of a natural heart attack. Dharma Rao (Mukesh Rushi), son of that politician, is also a villain. When Dharma Rao visits the shores of Godari River to leave the ashes, Yogi foils the rites by resisting. Then Dharma Rao challenges Yogi that he is going to mix the ashes of his politician father in Godari before Yogi mixes the ashes of his Judge father (who is alive).

The rest of the film is about how the villains of the film try to make Yogi life more miserable and how Yogi comes out unscathed with the help of his childhood friend Jagan (Nagarjuna).



Mohan Babu: Mohan Babu is the right choice for this emotional film. The strength of Mohan Babu is his dialogue delivery. But, by writing Telangana dialect to Mohan Babu and making him utter pieces of Hindi dialogues made the entire stuff lose the impact. The movie lovers who like the dialogues of Mohan Babu are in for a disappointment.

Preethi: She is taken as a glamour prop for this film. She appears just before songs and has no significance. She did well by showcasing her glamour.

Nagarjuna: He enters the film 20 minutes before the end of 'Adhipati'. He has a duet song, a court scene and a shared climax fight to his credit. All the Nag fans are in for a disappointment for the brief role he has done.

Soundarya: Her role is limited to a duet song with Nag and a 'single dialogue'.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: Ravi Raja Pinisetty has done a shabby job as a director and screenplay wright. The scenes in the film are incoherent. He might have remade the Malayalam blockbuster Narasimha as it is. But he could not replicate the original soul in Adhipati.

Comedy: All the comedy tracks in this film are irrelevant to the story and do not serve the purpose of entertaining the audiences.

Dialogues: Paruchuri brothers disappointed the audiences by not penning good dialogues for this mass film.

Analysis: The first half of the film is very ordinary and second half of it is OK. Touted as a multi-starrer, Adhipati fails to impress the viewers. The producer seems to have made this film keeping the success of Narasimha Naidu in mind. They have selected the same set of artists (Mukesh Rushi, Jaya Prakash Reddy as villains and Preethi as heroine) and dialogue writer and tried to emulate the formula of Narasimha Naidu. What this film lacks is powerful screenplay and pulsating direction. We have to wait and see how the audiences of Andhra script the fate of 'Adhipati'.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Adhipati Film Review
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