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Movie review - Ammaye Navvite
Ammaye Navvite
Ammaye Navvite
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Jeevi Rating: 2/5 (Two)
Genre: Love/Comedy
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Bhavana, Jaya Sudha, Brahmanandam, LB Sriram, MS Narayana, Ranganath, Ahuti Prasad, Prasad Babu, Sana
Music: MM Sri Lekha
Dialogues: Jaladanki Sudhakar
Art: Ramana
Direction: V Jyoti Kumar
Producer: V Ananda Kumar

Theatrical Release Date: 9th November 2001



There is a village named Talamanchi, which is maintained by the jamindar Naidu (Ranganath). He owns all the establishments in the village and the college is one of them. Smiling at girls and talking to them is forbidden that college. A new Hindi master (Rajendra Prasad) joins that school. Sirisha (Bhavana), the naughty daughter of Naidu, is a student of the school. Sirisha keeps on smiling at the Hindi Master. Hindi master feels that Sirisha is in love with him and tells his friend (Brahmanandam) that he makes Sirisha say 'I love you' to him with in 15 days. Somebody eavesdrop at that conversation and duly carries the gossip to Naidu. The petrified Naidu challenges Hindi master to do the same in 15 days. If Hindi master fails to do so, Naidu would kill him.

The rest of the story revolves around how Hindi master wins the love of Sirisha and puts an end to the tensions of audience.


Upendra: Rajendra Prasad is the saving grace of the film. He excelled in his role. The timing and punch in his comedy dialogues were not conceived well by the director.

Bhavana: The new actress failed to attract the audiences. She has very less range of expressions.

Technical Departments:

Comedy: Comedy by Rajendra Prasad is good. Comedy by Brahmanandam is partly good. MS Narayana and LB Sriram's comedy is irritating.

Story: The story is based on a single interesting point that if a girl smiles at a guy, that guy is bound to interpret her smile as a green signal to love. But the way story was narrated needs improvement.

Direction: V Jyoti Kumar has disappointed with his work. The movie goes on troubling the audiences right from the frame one. This direction of the film is not up to mark. As this film is a comedy one, the timing in comedy is very important. Jyoti Kumar did not show any command over handling the comedy scenes.

Dialogues: Jaladanki Sudhakar did a good job when it comes to comedy dialogues. But the over all impact is missing.

Music: Music is in the film is terrible. All the songs of the film are blandly copied from Tamil and Telugu tunes. It's not a good sign for MM Srilekha to copy the tunes at this tender age when she can do some creative work and win laurels. The background music is nothing better than that of TV serials.

Analysis: All the people who watch this film visits theater because of Rajendra Prasad's presence. But the movie disappoints, as the director could not extract the right performance from Rajendra Prasad. After seeing the comic punch given by Rajendra Prasad with the comedy directors like EVV Satyanarayana and SV Krishna Reddy, its pretty disheartening to see substandard stuff offered by other directors. Don't watch the film unless you are a hardcore fan of Rajendra Prasad.

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