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Movie review - Appudappdu
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Jeevi rating: 2/5
: Post marital blues
Genre: Love
GB Films
: Raja, Shriya Reddy, Bhagawan, Jayasudha, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Vizag Prasad, Sudha, Giri, Benarjee, Annapurna, Suman Setty, Ali, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Melkote
Music (songs): RP Patnaik
Music (background): Madhukar
Photography: KG Soman
Dialogues: Madhukar
Editor: Lokesh
Choreographer: Shankar
Producers: A Ramesh Goud, PT Giridhara Rao
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Chandra Siddardha
Theatrical release date: 16th May 2003


tell a friend


Sundeep (Raja) and Radhika (Shriya Reddy) enter into wedlock through an arranged marriage. Both these people come from a very rich and wealthy family background. They start living in an independent house. They slowly realize and decide that they are not exactly meant for each other. After a big quarell, they decide to take divorce.

After applying for divorce, they accidentally meet at a friend's wedding place. They happen to stay together in the same room again for a few days as an obligation. Then they realize that the other person is not bad at all. By the time, they start falling in love with each other, the divorce is granted by the court and their parents also get a match for their second marriages. The climax is all about whether they stay with each other for the rest of their life or not!!

Artists: Raja is a perfect fit for the role of Sundeep. He did well in all departments. Shirya Reddy is good in parts. The audiences can't see her acting in the entire film. Her make-up is bad. The dubbing voice given to her is also bad. Jaya Sudha acted as a self made woman and the mother of heroine. Bhagawan acted as buddy of hero who plays major role in bringing back the broken couple. It's nice to see veteran Satya Narayana Rao on screen in an entertaining role. Suman Setty did a good comedy role as a servant.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: The story of this film is a wafer-thin one. When you have such a small storyline, it should be supported with a tight screenplay. But, the director failed to provide an interesting screenplay in the first half. However, he could succeed to get grip over reins in the second half. Director Chandra Siddardha is pretty creative in terms of shot making. But the holistic perspective is missing in his work.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Madhukar are realistic. There are some witty dialogues like 'India lo 90% bharya bhartala Madhya samsaraalu rapes tho begin avutaayi'.

Music: RP Patnaik's music is the plus point of the film. All the songs are pretty good on the screen and even the choreography and canning of the songs is also excellent. How ever the background music of the film is not up to the mark.

Cinematography: Cinematography by Soman is excellent. He used great lighting schemes and gave an excellent framing to the scenes with his cinematography.

The first half of the film is boring. Second half of the film is slightly better. The best things about this film are songs and photography. This film suffers from bad editing and slow screenplay. The first half of the film is so slow that entire first half could be condensed into 15 minutes. The scenes and the story that take place in a village in the second half are interesting.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Appudappudu Review
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