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Movie review - Aruguru Pativratalu
Aruguru Pativratalu

Jeevi rating: 2/5
: Aaruguru pathilu
Can kids watch this film?
YES (no Vulgarity & no violence)
EVV Cinema
6 heroes, 6 heroines, 6 child artists, 6 comedy artists, 6 characters artists & one and only Chalapati Rao
Background Music: Kamalakar
Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi
Cinematography: Trinetra
Editing: V Nagi Reddy
Story - Screenplay - Direction - Producer: EVV Satyanarayana
Release date: 6th February 2004


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Six Xth standard studying girls were forced to depart from each other as their parents are moving from Korukonda. They decide to meet again after 6 years. When they meet, five of them are already married and sixth one is about to get married. This film is all about the stories of their marital life and husbands.

The story is narrated with 4 flash backs.

1st Pativrata's Story: She is married to a man who is impotent. Hence, she develops an extra marital relationship with a rich bachelor. Both the guys love her sincerely. But one guy can satisfy her sexually and other cannot. Hence Pativrata accepts to the proposal of her husband that three of them stay together. (director gave a justification that if Droupati is a pativrata with five husbands, this pativrata is entitled for two guys)

2nd Pativrata's Story: She loves an innocent guy and marries him. But his mother creates trouble. They move out of guy's house and start living in a rented place. The landlord (45+ guy) sets his eye on this pativrata. In stead of opposing the subtle hints from him, she indirectly encourages him. When her mother-in-law (husband's mother) come to her place she mixes sedative in soft drink and make her drink. She also invites the eager landlord to her house saying that her husband is away. That landlord sleeps with mother-in-law of Pativrata, as the room is dark. The next day, Pativrata gets landlord married to her mother-in-law.

3rd Pativrata's story: She is married to a sadist. He lovers her to the core. But he does not like her looking at other guys. His suspicion go to such an extent that he locks her up when he is going to office. He also does not allow Pativrata's parents as he does not like them. His father left his mother for another women. His mother left him and eloped with some other guy. Hence, he does not want to entertain the parents of his wife as well. One fine day, he falls down and gets paralyzed. Pativrata preferred to stay with him and serve him through out her life than divorcing him.

4th Pativrata's story: She is married to a soldier whose parents need physical support. The married couple did not get a chance to have sex as their 3 nights were spoilt by certain incidents. He is forced to go to border posting on day 4. There he dies. And Pativrata does not reveal the truth to parents of her husband as they might die after listening to this shocking news. She is still continuing her life serving her in-laws.

5th and 6th Pativratalu: 5th Pativrata got married to a guy who is philanderer. And after realizing the truth, she wants to leave him. And that same guy is conning 6th Pativrata to marry him.

The rest of the story forms the climax.

Artists Performance

All the artists chosen for this film are apt and appropriate. Everybody did satisfactory job their own bits. The girl in 2nd story and the guy in 4th story looked very impressive (partly due to characterization). Chalapati Rao did the role of mentor of Pativratalau. Comedian LB Sriram acted in a one dialogue scene.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: EVV Satyanaraya - who made critically acclaimed films like 'Aame' and 'Taali' in the past with good composition of comedy, sentiment and emotions tried to do another film in that genre. But, in stead of going in his own style of narrating serious subject with his typical comedy, he tried serious format. And his basic concept of Pativrata seems to have gone bonkers in the case of first two pativratalu. EVV Satyanarana could not grab the attention of viewers while narrating the film. There are quite a few funny episodes in the film which were meant to be quite serious. One among them is the soldier fighting with terrorists while speaking sweet-nothings to his wife over cell phone. EVV has disappointed his fans with his work.

Other departments: Dialogues by Janardhan Maharshi are mediocre. Background music by Kamalakar is ok. Photography by Trinetra is average. Editing by V Nagireddy is ok. This film is made on a very low budget.

Analysis: The main point of the film is good. But director failed in narrating it in a convincing manner. This is not a typical EVV film. Comedy is almost nil. The first two episodes of the film are quite intimidating. EVV should be appreciated for trying to invent a new genre of Telugu films by doing a song-less film with unglamorous faces. But what is the use of trying different things, if the content is not narrated in an authoritative manner? EVV should do films that suits his strength than venturing into alien territories.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of Aruguru Pativratalu Review
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