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Kshemamga Velli Labhamgaa Randi - A Review
Editor Mohan
ML Art Movies

Kshemamga velli Labhamgaa Randi
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
Ladies Oriented
Jeevi Rating
3/5 (Three on a scale of five)
Srikanth, Rajendra Prasad, Brahmanandam, Roja, Ramya Krishna, Kovai Sarala, Preethi and Prakash Raj.
Music: Vandematharam
Dialogues: Rajendra Kumar
Photography: Jayaram
Screenplay, Editing and Supervision: Editor Mohan
Director: Raja Vannem Reddy
Producer: Laxmi
Theatrical Release Date
04th February 2000

Srikanth, Rajendra Prasad and Brahmanandam are mechanics in a car company. Roja, Preethi and Kovai Sarala are their wives respectively. These three families live in the same neighborhood. All the three mechanics are wayward husbands. Their weakness lies in boozing and spending half of their salary on the unnecessary items. Their wives have a tough time running their houses with the meager money provided by their men. They could not pay rent, ration money and school fees of their kids.

At this juncture of time another pair ,Ramya Krishna and Prakash Raj, lands up in their neighbor house. Ramya Krishna, a pure Brahmin lady is supposed to have inter-caste married Prakash Raj. Both of them do their jobs and share their housework.

Inspired by Ramyakrishna's double income strategy, these wives ask their husband for a permission to work outside. Being male chauvinists, they firmly oppose wives plea as they feel that the right place for any married women is kitchen and wives life should be dedicated to taking care of husband and raising kids. They think that man should be the sole bread winner for any family. Money earned by a woman is untouchable.

As a compromise the women ask their men to give the entire salary to them on the 1st of the month so that they can manage the house and save money for the future. But these men have lot of debts and installments to pay. They thought that they can pay all their debts when they receive Diwali bonus. To their chagrin, there is a rift between the workers union and the management that result in nonpayment of bonus. Enraged men fight with the owners that resulted these guys losing up jobs.

After coming to know about this, the wives decides to take up a job that creates rifts between the spouses which results in wives living separately in another apartments. If you want to know how the husbands realize the importance of their wives, you got to watch this humor filled message oriented film.



Brahmanandam: Brahmanandam has the reputation of pulling crowds to the theaters by the sheer fact that he is starring in that film. But this film is something else. He is given more footage in the film and he gracefully carried the responsibility of providing the wholesome entertainment with his histrionics.
Kovai Sarala: A perfect match to Brahmanandam in all aspects. Her tamilian accent and sarcastic expressions make a hilarious comedy.
Rajendra Prasad: Rajendra Prasad is given less footage in the first half and relatively reasonable footage in the second half. He did his part with élan. There is one particular bit in which the whole theater go into ruptures.
Roja: She is given a role sensible wife for which she did justice.
Srikanth: He does a role that does not have a proper sensibility or conviction. He is totally overshadowed by Brahmanandam's comic antics and Rajendra Prasad sensible stuff.
Preethi: She did the role of wife to Rajendra Prasad. Her role mostly a submissive one. He looks pretty glamorous too.
Ramya Krishna: She did a very good role of 'Baby' that enlightens the thinking of wives. Its sad that this glamour doll does not have much to exhibit it in this role. She is seen clad in Pattu sarees all the time. Her Brahmin accent is cute.
Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj has come full circle with this film. He donned the role of preacher in 'Manasichi Choodu'. And then onwards, all his films have a few preaching by him. Eventually, by the time the same banner produced another film, his preaching looks jaded.

Other Departments

: This film has a good message oriented story.

Direction: As this débutante, Raja Vannem Reddy, deals with a serious subject he had to resort to convey the message through humor. He did exceptionally well in depicting humorous scenes. He has the knack of EVV and SV Krishna Reddy in dealing with comedy scenes. But it looks like he got carried away with the comedy and diluted the story part of it. For a new comer this film is good enough to show his/her class.

Music: Vandematharam gave hummable songs in this films. 'Aadavallamandi Medu' is good. 'Lovvu Age Barunda Ranganayaki' is the icing on cake with Lawrance and Alphonsa doing very good dancing.

Dialogues: Rajendra Kumar came up with good dialogues in this film. His comedy punch is amazing.

Production: Editor Mohan is best known for his quality and commitment for his story. He came up with another sugar coated capsule (Comedy Oriented Message Film).


This film is a message oriented film. In order to convey the message in a mild manner, the producer opted for an out and out comedy flick. In the beginning we start thinking that this film has two objectives. One is to preach to save money. Another is to state that women doing job is proper. But as the film progressed to the interval, the bone of contention becomes the woman's right to do employment. As the second half started, viewers eagerly waited for comedy than the regular sentimental and emotional stuff.

In a way, this film is very good one if you prefer watching a pure comedy. But if you prefer a story oriented film, this film might fail deliver the goods! But for Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala this film stands as another feather in their cap.

This Film may fall into the category of 'Premaku Velayara', whose success lies in heavy promotion of cinema. And Editor Mohan is just doing it!.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kshemamga Velli labhamgaa Randi Review
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