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Maa Balaji - A review
Bhargav Arts
Maa Balaji
Jeevi Rating: 4/5
Family Drama
Jeevi Rating
4/5 (Four on a scale of five)
Naveen, Maheswari, Laya, Sishwa, Vinod Kumar, Satyanarayana and Brahmanandam
Story: Bhargav Unit
Dialogues: Ganesh Patro
Photography: SriVenkat
Choreography: Siva-Subramanyam
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Executive Producer: Bhargav Reddy
Producer: Gopal Reddy
Screenplay & Direction: Kodi Rama Krishna
Theatrical Release Date
23rd September 1999

Balaji (Naveen) is an ambitious dynamic youngster with ideas. His parents are old aged and belong to a middle class family. Balaji aims for the sky and falls flat on his face every time. In that process he is entrapped in debt amounting 10 lacs. Balaji has a sister-in-law called Sujatha (Laya), who loves him to the hilt. Balaji is also favorable for the idea of marrying her. As Balaji fails in all his ventures, his money lenders are after his blood. Balaji, the man in disguise, chooses the convenient way of forgoing problems, i.e. he commits suicide by jumping into sea. He insures an LIC amount of 10 lacs for his money lenders. Sujatha makes herself a widow (though she is not married to Balaji) and starts staying along with the parents of Balaji.

Ramana(Sudhakar), a fisherman, traps the body of Balaji and saves him. Penchalyya (Brahmanandam) is the owner of the boat, who owes huge amount of money to Balwinder Singh (Satyanarayana). Penchalayya interprets Balaji to be a rich man and Balaji acts as a dumb and deaf guy for the sake of his convenience. A harassed Balwinder grabs the boat as the security for the money Penchalaiah owes to him. Then the 'comedy of errors' start that ends up in Penchalaiah keeping Balaji and Ramana as the security for his money and going back with his boat.

There it is! A huge palatial building called 'Punjabi House'. It has got lot of family members of Balwinder Singh and a number of servants. The main family members include Pooja (Maheswari), Sishwa and Sikandar (Vinod Kumar). Pooja is dumb girl by birth. Sishwa and Sikandar are her siblings. They find it difficult to get a suitable guy for Pooja, because she is a dumb girl. Sikandar is in Delhi searching for a sardarji for Pooja and incidentally finds one (Harbhajan Singh). Pooja is reluctant to marry the Harbhajan Singh as she comes to know that he is after her money. Meantime Balaji succeeds in wooing Pooja inadvertently. Pooja and Sishwa comes to know that Balaji is not a dumb guy and uses him to play their ploy to get the match with Harbhajan canceled.

As the fuming Sikandar is back to 'Punjabi' house, Pooja playfully falls in love with Balaji. She comes to know about the flashback of Balaji and sends Rs 10 lacs to his parents as chit funds amount and she enquires about Sujatha and comes to know that she is staying in her hubby's house (not knowing that Sujatha is treating late Balaji as her husband). After coming to know that Sujatha is married Balaji feels happy for her and plants Pooja firmly in his heart.

Sikandar comes to know about the love that is blossoming between Balaji and Pooja and decides to get them married after talking to Penchalayya. Balaji then confesses to everyone that he is not a dumb guy and elaborates his flash back.

Then the parents of Pooja go to the parents of Balaji. When they inform that Balaji is going to get married to Pooja, Sujatha disappears from the scene.

As we head for an exhilarating climax we have a hero and two willing heroines vying for him. Who will tie the knot to Balaji .. Sujatha or Pooja? You gotta watch this beautiful film on silver screen to find it out!!


Naveen: Naveen did an excellent job. His role does not have dialogues for the half of the film and in the remaining half the heroines would not let him speak. Naveen looks very handsome.
Maheswari: Kodi knows how to extract the action from Maheswari. She acted extremely well. As she is playing the role of dumb girl, she needs to do lot of emoting. Kodi made sure that only positive aspects of maheswari are projected over the screen( ala krishna vamsi for gulabi). She looks very sensible and beautiful.
Laya: Laya is on the way to conquer the hearts of telugu viewer from movie to movie. She did an excellent job and looks very cute with 'rendu jadalu'.
Shishwa: Sishwa did a very good supporting role for Maheswari. She is an alter ego to Maheswari in this film. She did exceedingly well with in her limitations.
Vinod Kumar: Vinod Kumar looks like a real angry surd in this film. He did a cameo role in this film.
Satyanarayana: Satyanarayana fits the bill of sardarji well. A few surd jokes are shown using him.
Brahmanandam: Brahmanandam is in his elements. Without his sensible humor first half of this film would have gone for a toss. Brahmanandam shows a different dimension to his humor in the laugh rioting scenes of this film.

Direction: The total credit of this film's craftiness goes to Kodi. He made sure that there is undercurrent humor is intact behind the dumbness of Balaji. He made sure that maheswari looks very beautiful. More surprisingly Kodi came up with a film sans vulgarity. There is no double entendre in this film. No exposing of heroine in the songs.

Story: This film is a remake of Malayali hit 'Punjabi House'. This thin story that has to be dealt sensitively

Screenplay: Screenplay of Kodi is slick and telugu nativity is never missing either in comedy or in sentiment scenes.

Production: Inclusion of Bhargav Reddy into the production activity seems to have given a new flavor to this Bhargav Arts film.

Dialogues: There are lot of humorous and a few punch dialogues. Bhargav arts permanent dialogue writer Ganesh Pathro did full justice to his Job.

Music: After 'Swayamvaram' Vandemataram Srinivas has come one with one more melodious album. 'Neeli Gaganamlo' is the highlight song of the film.

Photography: Though this film is made on a small budget, there is lot of richness in the film because of the characteristic photography by SriVenkat.

Choreography: There are two punjabi 'balle balle' family songs(just like HAHK istyle), one solo song, a superb melodious romantic song and a sad duet. The Siva-Subramanyam pair did a commendable job.
S Gopal Reddy has taken a risk of selecting a story in which heroine is totally dumb and Hero pretends to be dumb. And this film comes at the time when another film with hero in a dumb role 'Seenu' is released. But the director made sure that nativity is not missing. More over hilarious comedy by Brahmanandam makes us laugh uncontrollably. First half is in lighter vein and second half is very gripping. Climax is the heart and soul of the film. Wait a few weeks and you will know the fate of this clean sensible film.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Maa Balaji Review
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