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Movie review - Bharata Simha Reddy
Bharata Simha Reddy

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Jeevi rating: 3/5
Genre: Action
Banner: Teja Cinema
Cast: Raja Sekhar, Gajala, Meena, Ravali, Ganesh, Brahmanandam, Jr. Relangi, Raghu Babu, Ralla Palli, Giri Babu

Dialogues: MVS Haranatha Rao
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Surya Prakash
Producer: Teja
Release date: 6th September 2002



Raja (Raja Sekhar) is a wayward youth who hates his look-alike father Devudayya (Raja Sekhar). Raja lives away from his father and tells everybody that his father killed his mother and that he is now living with his stepmother. But Devudayya is very fond of his son and he provides food, shelter and other amenities to his son through another channel.

Why does Raja hate his father? What does the title Bharata Simha Reddy got to do with the story, as protagonists are named as Raja and Devudayya? To know the real story, watch it on a big screen.

Artists: Raja Sekhar donned three different get ups in this film through two characters. He did extremely well in the mass scenes of the film. Gajala is pretty glamorous. Ravali did a silent role. Meena dominated in her own way.

Technical Departments

Story - screenplay - direction: Story of this film is an age old one. Screenplay adapted for this film stresses more on mass treatment and over dose of sentiment than sensible narration. Direction of the film is average.

Music: Songs of the film are traditional with good mass and melody beats. Background music is average.

Music: Photography of the film is fine. While editing, lots of action sequences were fast-forwarded to get a speed effect (like the ones in Action No.1).

Dialogues: MVS Haranatha Rao did good work in dialogues section. There is one effective mass dialogue in this film - "nuvvu maa attha ni nanna nidra pothunte donga tanangaa teesuku vellav - nenu nee kooturini teesukuvelletappudu ninnu edama kaali boot tho tanni nee kuturini leva deesukupothunnani cheppi veltaanu".

The movie has good mass and sentiment touch. But sophistication is amiss. You get a feeling that you are watching a Tamil film for the kind of sentiments the director tried to evoke in the second half. First half of the film is OK. Second half has over dose of ladies sentiment. The scene in which Raja Sekhar is cheated by greedy wife and selfish sister do not evoke right kind of sympathy for hero. The other scene in which a constable reveals that Devudayya is none but Bharata Simha Reddy is very ordinary. Over all, this film might do well in B and C centers and it may fail in A centers.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Bharata Simha Reddy Film Review
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