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Movie review - Bobby
Mahesh Babu
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Jeevi rating: 3.25/5
: moden romeo & juliet
Banner: RK Associates
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Arti Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Raghuvaran, Lakshmipati, Ramesh, Ravi Babu, Posani Krishna Murali
Lyrics: Shakti, Bharati Babu, Vijay Kumar
Music: Mani Sharma
Photography: Venkat Prasad
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Executive Producer: Sobhanadri Yarlagadda
Producer: K Krishna Mohan Rao
Story - Dialogues - Screenplay - Direction: Sobhan
Release date: 31st October


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The film opens with a riots-scene where Arti and Mahesh Babu would be running aimlessly in search of each other. The merciless bullets hit them straight in heart as they finally found each other. Director Sobhan has prepared the viewers psychologically about what the film is all about.

The storyline of the film goes like this. Yadagiri (Prakash Raj) and KR (Raghuvaran) are the mafia leaders in Hyderabad. Bhagamati is the daughter of Yadagiri. Bobby is the son of KR. The story of this film deals with what happens when these two kids fall in love with each other.


Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu is at his charming best. He entertained the crowds with his cool and underplayed comedy. But his mannerisms and diction is like the extension of his Murari character. His 'nautica' shirts and half pants in this film are really cool. He also shown guts in doing a film that none of his contemporaries dare to attempt.

Arti Agarwal: Arti Agarwal suited the role well. She is looking pretty chubby in her modern outfits and she is looking pretty sensuous in those sarees in the second half. She needs to shed few pounds in order to stay in this industry for more time.

Others: Raghuvaran did a role in Telugu films after a long gap and he did his best. Prakash role of Yadagiri as a handicapped mafia leader is pretty good. He portrayed the emotions in a very controlled manner. Ramesh, who played the role of Mahesh's pal, imitated Sunil to the tee. Posani Krishna Murali stole the limelight with his comedy. Brahmanandam did a little cameo as the village head of Amalapuram who is on tour to North India. The actress who played Mahesh Babu's mother looks pretty young.

Technical Departments

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Story of the film is an age-old clichéd one. Screenplay of the film has fallouts. Direction of the film is good. Sobhan's taking of family scenes and romantic interludes in pretty good. But he failed in adding mass and commercial elements. He did very well in elevating the character of hero in the second half.

Songs: The director has failed to can the first three songs properly. The first song is an item song (Ee Jenda) that preaches patriotism. The second song (Lokam) is a straight lift from J Lo's musical video album. The special effects made for this film are very mediocre. It's very disappointing to see that the best song of the film (Adugadugu) is marred by the utterly amateurish graphics work. Bad graphics and unimaginative choreography has spoiled this good song. All three songs (Vaa Vaa, Pullani Pullattu, Lal Darwaja) in the second half are good with mass beats and popular steps.

Music: Mani Sharma's background music and songs are OK.

Dialogues: Sobhan has done fantastic work as a dialogue writer. All these dialogues are pretty natural and are in lighter vein. Mahesh Babu's naughty dialogue of 'Tappu Cheddama?' is a hit with the matinee crowds. There are a few thought provoking philosophical oriented dialogues like "bratukuki bratukuki madhya chavu ante .. rojuki rojuki Madhya nidra laantidi'

Photography: Photography of the film is pretty average. That's probably because of the lighting scheme adapted and sets erected. The futuristic set of 'Youth Joint' is not impressive except for the live screen where they show the spy cams.

Special effects: If there is one reason that makes the photography looks absurd and substandard, it's the special effects. The special effects done for this film are not up to the standard. They tried showing the bike-riding scene in the climax similar to that of MI-II (Mission Impossible Part 2). Because of the bad graphics, the climax shots of Mahesh Babu bike riding scenes look jaded. Only good special effects scene in this entire film is the one that has Arti singing the lyrics "chukkalu kosi fry chesi, merupulani noodles chesi .. tinipinchudam chandrudike aakesi".


1. Mahesh Babu's comedy
2. Dialogues
3. Good Second Half


1. Weak first half
2. Picturization of songs in the first half
3. Substandard and unnecessary use of Graphic work

Analysis: First half of the film is little dull. It forms the base for the second half. The first 45 minutes of second half is very entertaining with comedy. The next 15 minutes has got some good sentiment scenes. For the viewers of Andhra, hero dieing in the climax is a big taboo. The tragedy-oriented climax is a let down for the masses (though it does not matter for anybody as the director prepared the audience by showing climax as the opening shot). But again the director tried to do damage control by getting Mahesh and Arti married in heaven to prove the proverb 'Marriages are made in heaven' right. The highlight scene of the film is the one where Mahesh Babu comes to Prakash Raj's house and humiliates him. In spite of all its minus points, this film has chances of becoming a minimum guarantee film and decent hit. A must watch for the movie lovers who wants to see that sweet magical smile and super comedy timing of Mahesh Babu.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Bobby Film Review
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