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Movie review - Bhalevadivi Basu
Sridevi Arts
Bhalevadivi Basu
Jeevi Rating: 3/5

Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
Family Drama
: Bala Krishna, Anjala Zhaveri, Shilpa Shetty, Prakash Raj & Bhupinder Singh

Mani Sharma
Photography: VSR Swamy
Screenplay & Direction: PA Arun Prasad
Producer: Smt Anita Krishna

Theatrical Release Date: 15th June 2001



Sagar (Bala Krishna) is a forest ranger. Shilpa (Shilpa Shetty) is the boss of Sagar. Nemali (Anjala Zhaveri) is a tribal woman. The entire first half of the film revolves around how Nemali and Shilpa try to impress upon Sagar. In the interval, a mysterious woman reveals that the forest ranger's name is not Sagar and he is an imposter.

The second half of the film starts with the imposter telling about his flash back. His name is Prabhu and he is a petty thief. He gets to know a person called Sagar, who is an intelligent unemployed graduate. Sagar is having a mother and sister, who sacrificed their comforts to make Sagar become a graduate. He gets selected as a forest ranger. Prabhu and Sagar become very close. Sagar's mother falls ill and she needs one lakh as medical fee. Prabhu arranges the money. He manages that money by giving a false testimony in court. There by he gets fixed in the case and gets a life imprisonment. He escapes from the police and enters the forest where he sees Sagar brutally injured in a car accident. Sagar asks Prabhu to take care of his mother and sister.

Since nobody knows the identity of Sagar, Prabhu joins the job as forest ranger and tries to improve the life of tribal and makes sure that the poachers and animal killers are kept at bay. At the same time, he keeps in touch with the family of Sagar by pretending as Sagar.

The rest of the story revolves around how he arranges the marriage of the sister before fighting in a routine climax.



Bala Krishna: Balayya is looking extra glamorous in this film. His wardrobe is full of variety. And he did full justice to the role by acting exceptionally well. His dances are very good in three songs.

Anjala Zhaveri: She was given a mean role in this film and she acted well though she did not have enough footage.

Shilpa Shetty: She too is full of glamour. Her character has no work in this film other than getting glued to Balayya and lending him her hand in fights.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: PA Arun Prasad, who has given a blockbuster 'Tammudu' in the past did not show his spark in this film. The directors who debuted with certain heroes (Pawan Kalyan) and producers (Suresh Babu and Editor Mohan) need to prove themselves in outside banners to show their credentials. Except for the flashback scene, this film does not showcase any directorial sense.

Dialogues: Dialogues in this film is a major drawback. The writer did not exploit the Balayya's image as the best dialogue-teller of Telugu films.

Music and Songs: Some of the tunes in this film do resemble the past work of Mani Sharma. The songs 'Ayyayyo Brahma', 'Rayyi rayyi' and 'Yehi Hain Right Choice' got tremendous response from the matinee crowds, which has Balayya doing terrific dances

Production: The producer seems to have spent lots of money on this film and it is showing up in all the scenes. But she should have concentrated more on developing the script.

Analysis: The first half of the film has nothing to offer except for a few comedy scenes and three songs. The real story begins with the flashback and ends with it. This film suffers because of a weak villain. The hero can be as powerful as the villain. With a weak villain in the form of Prakash Raj, this director could not exploit the mass angle of the film. The dealing of flashback episode is sensitive. Since, the film does not have any revenge plot and killings, it might not work well with the masses. We got to wait for a week to know how 'Bhalevadivi Basu' fares.

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