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Movie review - Chandra Vansam
Chandravansam film
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Jeevi rating: 3 (three on a scale of five)
Family Drama
Banner: Raghuramayya Creations
Cast: Krishna, Suman, Naresh, Shivaji, Rohit, Jayapradha, Radhika Varma, Rupa, Sridevi, Eepshitha, Saipriya, GV Sudhakar, Kishore, Prasanna Kumar, Surya, Shakunthala, Shobharani, Meghana, Deepa, Sriharshini.
Dialogues: Sri Krishna
Camera: Adusumalli Vijay Kumar
Story - Music - producer: JK Bharavi
Screenplay - Direction: V Umakant

Theatrical Release Date: 15th February 2002



Chandravansam is about five brothers Krishna, Suman, Naresh, Sivaji and Rohit. These brothers belong to Chandravansam. This film starts with Krishna, Suman and Naresh happily married. The next marriage to happen is that of Sivaji's with Radhika Varma. During the marriage time, Rohit falls in love with Priya and vice versa. But, later on it is found that Priya is the sister of four brutal elder brothers. These four brothers are ineligible to inherit the demised father's property as he wrote in the will that the kids of Priya would inherit all the property. Hence these four brothers do not want Priya to get married to anybody. After knowing this twist, Suman charges up and gets ready to face Priya brothers. But Krishna stops him and tells that he would use peaceful techniques to convince the brothers of Priya and if nothing works then he would use beating-up as the last weapon, by citing the example of 'Virata Parvam' from 'Mahabharatam'.

Suman dons the role of Bheema and joins as cook in Priya's house. Krishna and Sivaji joins as servants. Naresh takes the place of Gatekeeper. They slowly convince the Priya brothers that Priya needs a dance master. They make Rohit behave like 'Bruhannala' (dance master who is an eunuch). Hence the entire family of 'Chandravansam' joins in the house of Priya. Over a period of time, the servants convince Priya brothers that if Priya is married to dance master, Priya cant give birth to kids. The stage is set ready for the marr4iage of Priya with Rohit. Will this marriage happen without any unexpected events? Watch it for yourself.


Casting of this film is appropriate and all the actors did justice to their roles. Krishna is at his best, as usual. He has done three scenes in this film, which would make us realize why he is called a daring hero.

  • He donned the woman role and danced for the entire song
  • He drinks Gopanchakam (urine of holy cow) to oblige the order of masters
  • Gets whipped thoroughly when he tries to give some suggestion to his masters.

We have to wait and see how Krishna fans react to these scenes in Andhra area. Suman and Naresh are seen on the screen after a long time. Both of them did extremely well. Sivaji's action as the dumb guy in the second half is good. Rohit's body language as Bruhannala is also good and suited him. Jaya Prada is also seen on screen after a long time and she looks pretty homely.

Technical Departments:

Story: This film is the modern adaptation of Virata Parvam from 'Mahabharatam' epic. The five brothers represent 'Pandavas'. Since Padavas are related 'Chandravamsam', this film titled Chandravamsam. Krishna played Dharma Raju and Suman played Bheema.

Screenplay - Direction: The 8-film-old Kannada director V Umakant made his debut in Telugu with this film. He handled the scenes well, though the story narrated in a predictable and routine manner.

Music: Music of the film is pretty average. None of the songs make any impact on the viewers

Analysis: It's an average film and Krishna is the strength. The success of the film would depend on how masses receive it. It has got good sentiment scenes, which can attract ladies. Chandravansam is not for youth. We have to wait and see how Chandravansam, a Telugu remake of Kannada blockbuster 'Habba' fares at box office.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Chandravansam Film Review
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