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Movie review - Chocolate


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Jeevi rating: 3 (Three)
Banner: Movie Magic
Cast: Prasanth, Jaya Re, Mumtaj, Livingstone, Suhasini and others
Art: Ramki
Photography: Vijay
Music: Deva
Fights: Super Subbarayan
Choreographers: Tarun Kumar, Tara, Kala and 'Cool' Jayant
Lyrics: Siva Ganesh
Editing: Lenin - Vijayan
Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna
Story - Screenplay - Direction: A Venkatesh
Producer: R Mahesh

Theatrical Release Date: 5th April



Aravind (Prasanth) is a happy-go-lucky guy who is studying in a college. He falls in love with Anjali (Jaya Re), a beautiful girl student from another college. It's also revealed that Anjali's parents are separated due to ego clashes. Her father is an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and her mother Sarada (Suhasini) is a music teacher. Sarada is an egotist to the core. She feels that she should get what she wants and everybody should obey her without even missing the minute details. Anjali lets her parents know that she would not be staying with any of them as long as they stay separated. Anjali stay in a hostel and pursues her studies.

Aravind knows the entire story. But he is not aware that his sweetheart is none but the daughter of his buddy ACP. ACP selects a London NRI for his daughter and asks Arvind to mediate between him and his wife to convey his wish of marrying off his daughter to that London NRI.

Meanwhile, the egos of Arvind and Anjali get bruised on a petty issue and they decide that it's all over between them. They still love each other, but clandestinely without letting the other to know about it. Arvind plays some tricks to unite ACP and Sarada, only to know that his sweet heart is their daughter for whom he mediated the London NRI marriage proposal.

The rest of the story revolves around some gripping scenes and ends on a happy and predictably cinematic note.

Artists: Suhasini should get lots of appreciation for doing such a different role as egoistic and cunning women with gray shades. She balanced her emotions really well in the film. Suhasini fans can't afford to miss this film. Prasanth is good and did extremely well. The Miss Goa Jaya Re did some neat work as an actress and a glamorous temptress. Mumtaj got a chance to show some histrionics along with her plunging neckline. But it's Suhasini that dominated the show by her performance in the second half.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: The director Venkatesh did a neat job. But he crossed the sensibilities by letting some obscenity flow in. There are a few audio cuts in the film. His screenplay is cool in the first half. But he followed the same old beaten path in the second half by not showing any variety in his screenplay. His color sense is pretty good and it shows up in 'Chocolate'.

Dialogues: Dialogues in the film another highlight. Most of the dialogues related to college humor tread on the border of obscenity, though they are enjoyable. Sri Rama Krishna did a good job of maintaining the tempo with his witty one-liners.

Music: Deva has done a pretty good job. The 'Mamidi pandu' song is really good, as they show the heroines Jaya Re and Mumtaj along with inmates doing some naughty things in ladies hostel as the hero Prasanth spy on them. There is another small song bit in which Vasundhara Das croons mellifluously in her inscrutable style. Background score is also refreshing.

Photography: The cinematographer has got good color sense. As such, there is good amount of 'color' (read as beautiful girls) in the film and good color sense of Vijay only helped in amplifying the visual delight.

Analysis: Chocolate is an average film in holistic perspective. The first half is pretty entertaining and the second half is rather predictable. This film is definitely not a boring one. You can watch it once, if you can bear the scent Tamil and double entendres. But you can't afford to miss that negative portrayal of Suhasini character in which she mesmerizes you with those victorious smirks and cunning glints.

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