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Movie review - College
Taranga Films
Jeevi Rating: 3/5

Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
: Sivaji, Sadanad and Manya

Sashi Preetam
Story, Dialogues, Screenplay & Direction: Ravi Chavali
Producer: Taranga Subramanyam

Theatrical Release Date: 10th November 2000



There is a bunch of 5 male students studying in a college, who are known to help each other and have fun. One fine day Suri (Sivaji) gets an anonymous love letter from one of the girls in the college. Piqued by the curiosity, the gang of five decides to help themselves out by discovering the secret admirer of Suri.

As the secret admirer asks Suri to come to the women's college cricket competitions in which she is participating. After having a thorough look at their college girls participating in cricket competition, they found out the room number in which all these girls are staying.

The next is going to match the handwriting of the girl. The gang of 5 barges into the ladies hostel by bribing the watchman a bottle of imported rum. After making a ruckus in the room, they finally finds out the bag in which same letter pad is lying. Just in time, the girls manage to come back to ladies hostel. In a hurry, they pick up the 10th class Xerox certificate and a bra from the bag. Finally when they reach home, they find that the upper half of the 10th class Xerox copy is missing. From the certificate they come to know about the mole, the girl is having as an identification mark on her body. And the notorious spot is at which mole is located is just below the waist. And the bra size is a perfect 36.

The next step is to approach a detective named 'Anaconda 000'. With the help of Anaconda, they start their mission of finding out the girls with a bra size of 36. After many trails, they fix upon five girls among them with 36-size bra.

Their next mission is going to find out the mole below the waist. The pack of six (including Anakonda) makes all the possible attempts. And to find out who the prize catch is, you should watch this film in theater for a sensible climax.


Sivaji: Unlike other heroes, Sivaji is given equal footage in this film compared to the other guys in the gang. He looks decent and shed some weight compared to his earlier film 'Bachelors'.

Manya: She did a role that is very similar to that of her earlier film bachelors.

Technical departments:

Music: Music is a big plus point to this film. All the songs are catchy and well choreographed. The highlight of this film is 'Mayadari Maisammo', a song that is sung at Bonala festival in Nizam.

Direction & Dialogues
: Ravi Chavali, the man behind the Bachelors, comes up with another winner. As the title suggests, this film is meant for college students. He has done a neat screenplay so that viewers will not feel the void in the story. His dialogues are also very refreshing. But it's unfortunate to see lot of cuts in the dialogues as some of them are censored.

Analysis: This film is a neat film sans too much vulgarity. Best recommended for the college youth. If you have some spare time, this film is recommended. But I would not recommend taking your time off and watching the film. I should mention that its fun watching this film with college youth in Gowry Shankar in Guntur where are all V college crowd (Vignan, Vikas, Vidwan etc) are making the moments of the film enjoyable and rejoicing (not to forget the girl gang, of course).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Azaad Review
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