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Movie review - Daddy
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
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Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
family Drama
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Simran, Ashima Bhalla, Baby Akshaya, Sarath Babu, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, MS Narayana
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Story: Bhupati Raja
Fights: Vikram Dharma & Pawan Kalyan
Photography: Chota K Naidu
Choreography: Saroj Khan & Raju Sundaram
Dialogues: Satyanand
Screenplay - Direction: Suresh Krishna
Producer: Allu Arvind

Theatrical Release Date: 4th October 2001



Ashima is looking out for a bike-expect model to star in an advertisement. She gets hold of Raj Kumar (Chiranjeevi) and makes him act in her ad apposite her and she falls in love with Raj Kumar. When Raj Kumar rejects her love, she opts for a suicide. When she is admitted in the hospital, Prasad (Rejendra Prasad) tells her the flashback of Raj Kumar.

<begin of flash back>

Raj Kumar runs a dance school and an audio manufacturing company. His dance school is meant to satisfy his zeal for dancing and audio company is meant for earning his bread and butter. He falls in love with Shanti (Simran) and gets married to her. Shanti gives birth to Akshaya (baby Akshaya). Akshaya is very fond of her daddy. Raj Kumar is very fond of his friends. He gives surety for the Chit Fund Company of his friend. His friend ditches Raj Kumar and his entire property is confiscated. Later on, it is revealed that Akshaya is having a heart disease. Raj Kumar needs 4 lakhs to get Akshaya operated and all his friends hesitate to help him with the money.

Ultimately Raj Kumar lands up in jail after confrontation with a friend who ditched him. Meanwhile, Akshaya at hospital expires. Santhi claims that Raj Kumar is responsible for the demise of their kid. Santhi leaves Raj Kumar and decides to live alone.

<end of flash back>

Raj Kumar builds a hospital on name of Akshaya and lives an anonymous life as volunteer in that foundation. After coming to know the pathetic flashback of Raj Kumar, Ashima decides to help him out.

Later on, to his amazement, Raj Kumar finds another girl who is Akshaya look-alike (baby Akshaya again) and comes to know that she is the daughter of Shanti. Shanti was pregnant when she left Raj Kumar and Raj Kumar was unaware of that fact. Shanti does not want the kid to know about her father. Raj Kumar wants to get back the kid along with Shanti.

The rest of the film is about how all the ends well.



Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi did an excellent job as Daddy in this film. He shed some weight compared to Mrigaraju. His new looks are good. But his character lacks the heroism one expects from Chiranjeevi. His role in this film is much more softer than that of 'Iddaru Mitrulu'.

Baby Akshaya: She is very cute in this film and all the scenes involving baby Akshaya hit well with the audiences. Baby Akshaya must be commended for her sweet action in this film.

Simran: Simran looks weary. She did wonderful job as the protagonist in this film.

Ashima Bhalla: Ashima did a small role which confines to two songs and she did well within the limitations.

Rajendra Prasad: Rajendra Prasad's talent is wasted in this film. There is absolutely no scope for comedy for his character.

Technical Departments:

Story: The main drawback of this film is inane story. One would wonder why Chiranjeevi has accepted a story that has striking similarities to Mrigaraju. In both these films, the second half is concentrated more on Chiranjeevi trying to win the heart of Simran and baby.

Screenplay and direction: The touch of Suresh Krishna is conspicuously missing in this film. The direction of the film is not up to the expectations. The screenplay is shabby. The scenes does come one by one, but what they lack is the screenplay that makes the viewer attentive and inquisitive about what is coming in the next scene. The master of flashbacks, Suresh Krishna, could not render his successful narration for this film.

Music: Songs of the film sound good after a repetitive listening. The background music of the film is good.

Photography: Photography by Chota K Naidu is a big asset in the film. Each and every frame of the movie looks rich and refreshing.

Dialogues: The dialogues lack the substance. Satyanand, who has written witty dialogues for Annayya, has disappointed the audience with plain dialogues in Daddy.

Comedy: The main drawback of this film is lack of comedy. Only the scenes involving the combination of Akshaya and Chiranjeevi in the second half provides some comic relief. The comedy artists like Rajendra Prasad, Kota and MS Narayana are not utilized.

Songs: The songs in second half are good. Here is the sequence of songs. Like Kushi, this film too had three popular English song bits for which Chiru dances in the first half.

  1. Aadu Adinchu: This song comes as the beginning of the flashback. It's a solo song canned in sets on stunningly dressed Chiru. He has done some excellent steps for this song. This song evoked very good cheers from the crowds.
  2. Naa Praanama Suswagatam: This slow song is shot in abroad on Simran and Chiru.
  3. Gummadi Gummadi: This slow song comes in parts for three times in this film. All these three scenes do have three different moods and different lyrics.
  4. Vana Vana: This song is the highlight of the film. It is shot in sets on Chiru, Ashima and baby Akshaya. The sets done for this song are really good. This songs reminds the viewers of rain song in 'Gharana Mogudu'
  5. Patta Pakkinti: This song is shot on Chiru, Ashima and Simran. It's an imagination song canned on a set.
  6. Mandara Buggallo: This final song is a masti song shot on Chiru and Simran in abroad.

Fights: There is only one fight in this film. That's too a fun fight composed by Pawan Kalyan. But it is not up to the hype that was created during prerelease days. Another chase scene composed by Pawan Kalyan is pretty interesting and evokes lot of response.

Analysis: First half of this film is average. The second half is good in the beginning. It's high time for Chiru to sign the films with good script rather than going for the famed directors like Suresh Krishna, who seems to have lost the ammunition in his direction. Have no expectations and watch this film, you might like it. This film is better than Mrigaraju and not as good as Annayya. We have to wait and see how the viewers, especially the family ladies, like this film in the weeks to come as this film is heavily banking on the 'sentiment' factor!

An afterthought: Chiranjeevi should ponder over encouraging new directors with fresh thoughts. New directors can concentrate more on the script with devotion as they have a thing to prove. Going after seasoned directors can only jeopardize his career. Chiranjeevi is always known for his humbleness and has a willing attitude to face criticism, admit mistakes and learn from the past experiences. May be he would accept films with good scripts in the future.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Daddy Film Review
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