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Movie review - Dham
(Dhammunte Preminchandi)
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Jeevi rating: 2.75/5
: Mixture of love and mass
Can kids watch this film?
Yes (no vulgarity and no violence)
Radaan Mediaworks Pvt Limited
: Jagapathi Babu, Chaitanya Krishna, Neha Mehata, Sonia Agarwal, Sony Raj, Swapna Madhuri, Chalapathi Rao, Brahmanandam, Ali, Satyaprakash, Venu Madhav, Anil, Raviteja, Vicky, Suman Setty, Kavitha
Dialogues: Nagaraju, Sampath
Camera: Arun
Music Director: Ramana Gugula
Lyrics: Veturi Sundararamamurthy, Surendra Krishna, Pothula Ravikiran, Kandikonda
Presented by: Radhika
Producers: Mohana Radha, Kishore Babu
Story, Screenplay and Director: Raju Voopati.
Release date: 25th July 2003


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Rushi (Jagapati Babu) is a hot blooded man who fell in love with Anjali (Neha Mehta). Anjali is the daughter of a mafia guy. Rushi and that mafia man are at logger heads. Anjali hates violence and she bids adieu to his love because Rushi has become violent.

Rushi leaves all his past and starts a new life as a yoga instructor and practices non-violence. In the process, he comes across 4 youngsters who had problems with getting their girls falling in love with them. Rushi helps them out. In the process, they comes to know about the past of Rushi. Rest of the film is about how they tries to show gratitude to Rushi by uniting Rushi and Anjali.

Artists Performence

Jagapati Babu: Jagapati Babu who is looking for changing of image from a family hero to a mass hero has chosen the role of a mass character that inspires youth in this film. He justified the mass role. However, there are some scene where the projection of heroism of Jagapati Babu went little over board.

Others: Sonia Agarwal did the role of a girl who is in awe of Jagapati Babu. She is hot. Neha Mehta is sensible in her simple girl portrayal. Sony Raj and Swapna Madhuri did their bit. There are four youth heroes in this film. Except for Chaitanya Krishna, all others looked convincing. The comedy by Venu Madhav is hilarious. Ali's comedy is also good.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - direction: Raju Vupati - a debutant director - tried to project lots of mass elements though this film. You have everything here. Helicopter chases, motor cycles parade, train sequences, blasts, a violent flashback for a seemingly innocent looking hero, dialogues on student power, different camera angles, skin-touting heroine. Director has good taste at doing mass scenes. But what lacks is a proper screenplay and a steady narration. The director had so many twists in the second half that we wait for the climax of the film like the TV viewers look for a TV serial to complete its total run.

Music: Music by Ramana Gogula is OK. However, there are two good melodious songs 'Challani Gaaliki' and 'Maradala Raavela'.

Dialogues: Dialogues of the film offers all kinds of variety. There are good comedy dialogues like 'Nenu Margadarsi lo cheraadu. Oka aggipette konukkunnanu' (Venu Madhav) and sensible dialogue on love like 'Nammakam lekunda Premincha koodadu. Premalo padda tarvatha pelli chesukundama vadda ani alochinchakoodadu'. However there is a dialogue that projects students in a bad light like 'veellu rayalaseema students. Bambulu chetabadataaru vaatini visurutaaru. Veellu Nizam students gaddapaaralu chetapadataaru. Tupakulu pelustaaru. Veelu Andhra students. Pidikili bigustaaru'.

Photography: Photography by Arun is worth mentioning. Some of the aerial shots and bottom views in this film are good. The camera placement is also different while canning mass scenes.

Stunts: The first fight and the fight before interval scene are very good. However, there is so much of confusion about the umpteen number of characters in the climax fight that you would be wondering who is beating whom.

The first half of the film is average. But the second half is marred by too many twists and fights. This film is the first foray of Radhika's Radaan Mediaworks in the production of feature films. She has selected a seemingly potential storyline that has good scope for mass elements. But the execution is not good enough. We have to wait and see if this film helps Jagapati Babu to establish as a mass star.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Dham Review
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