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Movie review - Dum Dum Dum
Itlu Sravani Subramanyam
Dum Dum Dum
Jeevi Rating: 4/5
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Jeevi Rating: 4/5 (Four)
Official web site
: Click Here
Cast: Madhavan, Jyotika, Vivek & Richa
Music: Karthik Raja
Story & Screenplay: Mani Ratnam
Photography: Ramji
Choreography: Brinda
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Lyrics: Veturi
Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna
Producer: Mani Ratnam

Theatrical Release Date: 21st September 2001



Aditya alias Adi (Madhavan) is a cosmopolitan guy whose life revolves around fags, beer, fast cars and babes. Ganga (Jyotika) is a village belle, who has passed her +2 with state second rank. The parents of Adi and Ganga decide to unite the two in wedlock.

Adi wants to enjoy his city-slicker life. Ganga wants to do future studies and become an engineer. Ganga and Adi unite together and mastermind plans to sabotage the wedding. To their chagrin, all their plans go haywire. It's wedding time now. When they realize that they are about to get married and they are going to stay together forever, they start reacting positively to each other and come to the reality of accepting the marriage.

A misunderstanding caused by an unrelated person creates riots in the wedding party and the respective parents of 'about-to-be-wedded' couple calls off the marriage. The boy goes back to city to enjoy his favorite pastime. The girl joins an engineering college to realize her goal. There they meet again, as friends. The friendship blossoms into love. As these birds are in love, their parents are at loggerheads.

Will Adi and Ganga ever experience the 'sound of marriage' - Dum Dum Dum again? You should watch this sensuously essayed luscious love poem unveil on the silver screen amidst the mellifluous music of Karthik Raja yourself to enjoy the experience.



Madhavan: All the best actors in this world need to have big expressive eyes. Madhavan can speak with his eyes and communicate the untold dialogues through his smile. He has done the action which 'just right' for his character.

Jyotika: You will fall in love with the character of Jyotika in this film. And her subtle expressions have added tremendous value to the film. The heroines in Tamil field are known for their loud expressions and over action. Jyotika proves to be an exception in this film. Jyotika and Madhavan pair is complementary.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay: This age-old story is made into an entertaining film. Thanks to the screenplay provided by the genius Mani Ratnam. The screenplay of the film is having the texture of Mani Ratnam's love stories ranging from Geetanjali to Sakhi. He projected the naivety of heroine and the vulnerability of hero with a recklessness attitude running in the characters all the time.

Direction: Mani Ratnam used to feel sad that none of his protégés are performing well as successful directors. Hence, he has taken the onus of story and screenplay for this film and produced it with his dearest protégé Perumal. Perumal has done an excellent job. And it's a laudable effort for any first-timer. You often forget Perumal and visualize the Mani Ratnam style of film making in all the scenes.

Photography: Ramji, a protégé of PC Sreeram, made his debut through this film as cinematographer. There are no filters used in this film, which is contrast to Mani Ratnam's style. Mani Ratnam had excessive usage of filters for his films since Dalapathi. The way luster greenery canned for Dum Dum Dum is simply superb.

Music: Karthik, the elder son of Ilaya Raja, scored music for this film. Songs and Background music is another main asset for this musical love story. All the songs are very good. And watching Jyotika dancing for Karthik Raja tunes in Brinda's choreography is a real treat to eyes and ears. Some times, the background music dominated the dialogues and you need to be in all you ears to listen a few dialogues.

Production: This production values for this film are rich and are of Mani Ratnam's standards.

Analysis: The first half of the film is taken in village background and second half is taken in city. If you compare, the first half scores over the second half. Dum Dum Dum has rich technical values. You enjoy the flavor of the film though the narrative of this film goes on a slow pace. Watching this film is like sipping the vintage Russian vodka and it takes time to get on you. The drawback of this film is that it does not have mass appeal and it is aimed the educated and suave movie lovers. It might not find place in B and C centers. But in A centers, it going to make the viewers, especially youth, go Dum Dum Dum about it!

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Dum Dum Dum Film Review
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