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Movie review - Eeswar
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: mass attempt by class director
Banner: Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Art Creations
Cast: Prabhas, Sridevi, Revathy, Siva Krishna, K Ashok Kumar, Krishna, C Kalyan, Brahmanandam, Hanumanthu and Hari krishna
Lyrics: Sirivennela
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Music: RP Patnaik
Photography: Jawahar Reddy
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Art: Krishna
Story: Deena Raj
Screenplay - Direction:
Jayant C Paranji
Producer: K Ashok Kumar
Release date: 11th November


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Eeswar (Prabhas) is a motherless child and brat living in Dhoolpet, a slum area in Old City. Eeswar's father (Siva Krishna) manufactures Gudumba (arrack) with the help of neighborhood people. Eeswar falls in love at first sight when he sees a college going beauty Indu (Sridevi). In the meantime, Eeswar's father marries Sujatha (Revathi), who has been waiting for him for the past 20 years so that she can be a good mother to Eeswar. Eeswar hates his stepmother thinking that his father married her to enjoy worldly pleasures.

Meanwhile, Indu's father turns out to be a local MLA (Ashok Kumar) who hates poor. Local MLA sends goons to Eeswar to finish him off. What follows next forms the second half of the film.


Prabhas: Telugu film industry discovers a talented good-looking mass hero in Prabhas with this film. Prabhas looks pretty natural and manly. He has natural flair for acting. But he imitated Amir Khan for some mannerisms and body language in a few lighter vein scenes. He efficiently adapted some of the mannerisms of Manoj Bajpai (biting his twisted tongue out while making his eyes smaller) and Vivek Oberoi (making his eyes bigger to give an intense ruffian look). He is well built and can dance at ease. His Telangana diction in the movie is not impressive enough.

Sridevi: The 3rd daughter of yesteryears actress Manjula is just OK. She is not very impressive.

Revathy: Revathi is roped in to play a sacrificial role of stepmother to the hero. She enters the film 10 minutes before the interval. She did a good job but that role does not need an actress of Revathi's caliber.

Others: The role of C Kalyan as cop is a comedy oriented one. The way he ran while chasing the hero's gang reminded me of Tom and Jerry cartoons. Producer K Ashok Kumar donned a typical villain role in this film.

Technical Departments

Story: The basic storyline of this film is a very routine one where a rich girl falls in love with a poor boy and the father of rich girl tries to eliminate the poor boy. A family angle of stepmother is added for some sentiment flavor.

Screenplay - Direction: Jayant is known for his style of taking and sensible lighter vein comedy. He applied that comedy in few scenes in the first half and in the climax. But his style of taking is amiss in this film. By looking at the way the second half is conceptualized, one might get a feeling that Jayant tried to imitate the taking and style of Teja (for Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu). Screenplay of the film is loose in first half, but is tight in climax.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are OK. But there are no punch or powerful dialogues. There is one clichéd dialogue for the villain which goes like - 'Naa rangu. Nalupu. Kaani naaku eppudu Gelupu'.

Music: Two Teen-maar (Ameer Peta, Olammo Olammo) songs of this film are good. The best melody of the film - Gundello Vaalana - is not placed at the right situation. Except for two songs, all others are duets. The background music of the film is decent.

Lyrics: Sirivennela beautifully penned the words of euphemism and all-is-one concept in 'Ameer Peta' song.

Photography: The cinematography by Jawahar Reddy is impressive. The way he moved the camera to accentuate the heart beat in a few scenes and moving camera aimlessly in action scenes in good. But the lighting scheme in abroad-shot songs is not consistent.

Analysis: First half of the film is pretty slow and is just average. The narration of second half reminds us of Teja's taking in Jayam and Nuvvu Nenu. The scenes where hero and heroine fall in love with each other are not convincingly told. There is good response for the mass scenes in second half. The movie's fate would depend on how masses receive and appreciate the second half. Over all, it's an average flick and worth watching for all curious people to see how Prabhas fared

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Photo Gallery
Juke box
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Eeswar Film Review
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