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Movie review - Goppinti Alludu
Ramakrishna Horticulture Studios
Goppinti Alludu
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
Family Oriented
Jeevi Rating
3/5 (Three)

Balayya, Simran, Sanghvi, Sadhika, Satya Narayana, Kota and SP Bala Subramanyam


Cinematography: Nandamuri Mohan Krishna
Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi
Story, Screenplay and Direction: EVV Satyanarayana
Producer: Nandamuri Rama Krishna

Theatrical Release Date
21st July 2000

Murali Manohar(Balayya) is son of the industrialist SVR(SPB). He arrives India from Switzerland after finishing his graduation. SVR fixes a girl(Sadhika) for him and asks him to marry her. To get rid of unwanted marriage, Maohar escapes back to Switzerland.

Sowmya(Simran) is the granddaughter of Achyuta Ramayya(Satyanarayana). Achyuta Ramayya's family consists of 3 of his daughters and their husbands and their kids along with Sowmya and Jalandhara(Sanghavi). Jalandhara is the straight daughter of son of Achuta Ramayya and Sowmya is the daughter of the keep of son of Achuta Ramayya. Hence everyone in the family(except for Achuta Ramayya) demeans and harass Sowmya that she is the daughter of a keep. Jalandhara has lot of hatred towards Sowmya and she tries to be diplomatic with Sowmya, but backstabs her without Soumya's knowledge every time

Sowmya gets a job offer as a bank Manager (thankfully not as a software consultant!) in Switzerland. Here the stage is set for the introduction between manohar and Sowmya at airport followed by Manohar teasing her in the flight. As Mr. Subba Rao (Chalapathi Rao) did not come to the airport to receive Sowmya, she is forced to take the help of Manohar.

SVR and his cook comes to Switzerland to search manohar. Sowmya shifts her accommodation to her boss (Prithvi) guest house. Then her boss tries to rape her and Sowmya escapes from him and starts running on the road. Here comes the 15 minutes guided tour of Switzerland with SVR and his cook running down the roads for Manohar, Subba Rao searching for Sowmya, Boss running after Sowmya, Manohar chasing the boss to help Sowmya. In these chasing sequence Manohar expresses his love to her and Sowmya accepts. At the end of 15 minutes of running senseless, Boss is sent to jail, SVR accepts the love of Sowmya and Manohar.

SVR decides to go to Achyuta Ramayya's house and ask the hand of Sowmya for his son. On the way due to some unforeseen accident SVR runs Achuta Ramayya down with his car and fractures his legs. Achyuta Ramayya refuses to get Sowmya married to Manohar.

Sowmya decides to elope with manohar. But Manohar convinces her that they should get married with the consent of their families as it will be useful for everybody in the long run. And the next thing you see is Manohar joining Achyuta Ramayya's house as a cook and winning the heart of everybody. But jalandhara comes to know that the cook is none but the Manohar. She takes every opportunity to disturb the discreet romance of the love birds and seduce manohar.

As Jalandhara starts vying for the blood of Sowmya desperately, manohar tries sincerely to win the hearts of the Sowmya family members. To know how all ended well, you gotta watch this film on the silver screen.



Balayya: Balayy did this kind of role in two of his earlier films. They are 'nari nari naduma murari' and 'top hero'. EVV exploited and played with the unexposed comic timing of Balayya in this film. He has done a wonderful job as long as one do not compare his performance with that of Govinda in 'Hero No 1'.
Simran: Simran donned the sympathetic role in this film. Ideally Ooha is best suited heroine for this character. Simran is wasted in this film except for the songs in this film.

Sanghvi: Sanghvi is the main villain in this film. She did justice to her role. You can see the streaks of EVV touch in the character of jalandhara which has the same touch of 'Malavika' character in 'Chala Bagundi'.

Sadhika: If you are expecting Sadhika to last for a song, you are mistaken. EVV made her role a lovable one as she troubles Kota all the time with her innocent yet pungent questions.

Kota: Kota's character is a big releif in this film as he uses his dialogue punch effectively for all his comedy dialogues.


Janardhan Maharshi who is exceptionally good at playing with words and using the pun effect to write fun dialogues has done a wonderful job in this film too. Though most of the dialogues reflect the taste of EVV, they are very refreshing.

Music: Koti has done a wonderful job in re-recording in this film. Songs are also good.

Choreography: All the songs are very well canned. And most of them are shot in Switzerland. Balayya did look smart in all songs are danced extremely well. Naa Cheere song is with Sadhika, 'Muddoche Gopala' is with Sanghavi, 'Ammagaariki' is a solo song and remaining three are with Simran.

Direction: This film is a typical EVV film. He tried to inject humor as and when needed. But he lost track of the story as it proceeded towards climax.


First half of the film is very neat and sensible. But the second half of the film starts with a pleasant note and as it proceeds towards climax, this movie goes into a dragging mode with very usual climax. This film is inspired by Hindi 'Hero No. 1'. They made changes to the story and extended the character of Sanghvi and introduced the character of Sadhika. This is a soft comedy film by Balayya. And the matinee crowds are not too impressed with the soft character of Balayya. There of only few ferocious dialogues (Balayya Trade mark) by Balayya in this film. This film is recommended if you love fun. We gotta wait and see what the masses have in their mind by judging at the trade reports that are going to pour in from the next week.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Goppinti Alludu Review
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