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Movie review - Golmaal
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: situational comedy
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Gayatri Kala Chitra
: Chakri, Neha, Ramesh Arvind, Meera Vasudevan, Giri Babu, Jayaprakash, Brahmanandam, Gundu hanumantha Rao, Sudhakar, Padmanadham, Raghu Babu, Navabharat Balaji,
Music: Vandemataram
Songs: Chandra Bose - Veturi
Cinematography: MV Raghu
Stunts: Ram Lakshman
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Choreography: Raja sekhar
Story - Screenplay - Producer - Producer: PN Ramachandra Rao
Release date: 21st February 2003


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Ameer Khan (JD Chakri) and Amar Sastry (Ramesh Arvind) are buddies in a village. Ameer Khan is a rich guy and has a long-cherished dream of flying to USA and to do the white collared job. Amar Sastry is a poor guy who has lots of responsibilities and the entire burden of his family is on his shoulders.

The conventional parents of Ameer want him to join the college run by Abdullah - a friend of Ameer's father in Hyderabad. Ameer asks Amar to join the college as lecturer with Ameer's name. Abdul has a professional rival in educational industry called Narahari (Jayaprakash Reddy). Abdul's daughter Mumtaz (Neha) is in love with Ameer.

Ameer is cheated by the H1 broker in Mumbai. Ameer returns to Hyderabad and joins Narahari's educational institute as Amar Sastry. Narahari has a beautiful daughter called Meenakshi (Meera Vasudevan) and she is in love with Amar Sastry who is in the form of Ameer Khan. Confused? Yeah! That's why this film is called Golmaal!!


JD Chakravarthy: He appears for 10 minutes in first half and has a good amount of footage in second half. This role is a tailor made one for Chakri. He performed with lot of ease.

Ramesh Arvind: This Kannada actor excelled in the role of a Brahmin guy disguised as a Muslim. He is a perfect fit for the role. But is not a familiar face for Andhraites. The one who dubs for Venu has dubbed for Ramesh Arvind in this film.

Others: Heroines Neha and Meera Vasudevan do not have much role to play except for few songs and scenes. Meera resembles Vasuki and Prema. Both of them performed well with in their limitations. Brahmanandam provided good amount of comedy as 'Kokila'. Though it's not a special comedy role, he provides ample comedy for the masses. The actor who did the role of temple priest has also performed good situational comedy. Veteran comedy actor Padmanabhan donned a variety role of bamma in an impeccable style.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - direction - production: PN Ramachandra Rao - a senior comedy director (of 'Chitram Bhalare Vichitram' fame) in Telugu and Kannada - handled the movie in a good way by targeting it to the masses. This is a mass and situational comedy flick. The comedy timing by director is good. But the film is wrapped up without concentrating on the quality. PN Ramachandra Rao had to forcibly become the producer of this film as the original producer left the project due to debts.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Thotapally Madhu does have good rhyming. But most of our dialogue writers reserve a typical Telugu for Muslims in Telugu films. Had Thotapally Madhu changed it, it would have looked more realistic.

Music: Music by Vandemataram is passable. The song penned and picturised on Khajuraho structures is pretty good. The title song of the film is inspired by Hindi 'Qurbani' tune.

Others departments: Photography by MV Raghu is OK. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is good.

This is a low budget situational comedy flick aimed at masses. This film has nothing special to offer. At the same time, it is not boring. It's an average flick that provides good time pass. You can watch it at your leisure.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Golmaal Review
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