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Movie review - Hai
idem Voorandi Babu
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Jeevi rating: 3 (Three)
Banner: Suresh Productions
Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Nikita, Chandra Mohan, Jaya Sudha, Prakash Raj, Chalapati Rao, Mallikharjuna Rao, LB Sriram, Surya Ganesh, Sana and Benarjee
Music: Koti
Dialogues: Sateesh
Photography: V Srinivasa Reddy
Editing: KV Krishna Reddy
Lyrics: Seetarama Sastry, Chandra Bose, Surendra Krishna
Fights: Vikram Dharma
Co-director: Nekkanti Suresh
Producer: Dr. D. Rama naidu
Story - Screenplay - Direction: EVV Satya Narayana
Release date: 24th May



Aryan Rajesh (Aryan Rajesh) is an America-returned-MBA who loves roaming around with his school time buddies. He happens to see a beautiful girl Priya (Nikita) at a shopping complex and falls in love with her. He successfully accomplished the mission of wooing her and they are in love. Aryan's parents are happy. But Priya's father (Prakash Raj) is not happy. Aryan's parents visit Priya's house to fix the match. Priya's father doubts the sincerity in the love between Aryan and Priya. He puts a litmus test to the couple by sending them together for abroad for a month on a pleasure trip to understand each and get closer. If they still have the same kind of attraction even after the one-month trip, he would marry them off with in a week after their return.

Aryan-Priya zoom to Dubai for a pleasure trip. During their stay, a few small incidents cause ego clash between the couple. Priya misunderstands Aryan as a womanizer and they decide to say quits. In the meantime, parents were convinced that their love is true and they announce the marriage date to all their friends and relatives.

The parents are disappointed when they came to know that it is all over between Priya and Rajesh. Priya and Rajesh love each other even now, but have an inflated ego to admit it to make-up for the losses. Father of Priya chooses another guy and arranges to do registered marriage to his daughter. Aryan decides to go back to USA after realizing that Priya Okayed another guy! How the couple gets back to each other forms the climax of the film.


Aryan Rajesh: This new comer looks pretty average. His histrionics are OK. But there is no spontaneity in his action. His dances have rhythm, but do not posses the grace to make them look at ease. He needs maturity in his mannerisms, which hopefully would be improved in his future films. To show some ruggedness, they added light beard and mustache.

Nikita: She looks good. But opposite Aryan Rajesh, she appeared more matured in looks. She is glamorous in songs. And director made the best use of her glamour by showing ample skin by making her wear short skirts and swimming suits.

Other Artists: Among the other character artists, only Prakash Raj is given a meaty role with a couple of important dialogues to tell. He changes the direction of film in the interval with his controlled performance. Jaya Sudha is given a raw deal in this film. She hardly has any role to play. I do not understand why she accepted such a role, which can by done by any other character actress. Chandra Mohan is shown as a meek father/husband, who is taken for a ride by his son who cracks jokes on him. Khayyum, Chitram Seenu and Babloo acted well and entertained viewers as the pals of Aryan Rajesh.

Technical Departments:

Story: Main story line of the film is very good. Generally, we observe that the people who go for love marriage find it hard to maintain same kind of affection and love when they become husband and wife. They please each other before marriage and take other person for granted after marriage. Hence, the director let this couples stay like husband and wife for a month and tried to see if they remain the same.

Screenplay - direction: EVV made a sincere effort to do something different with this film. His films are known for mass comedy with adult touch. But, he followed the current trend and made film with youth background. But he interlaced some sensible comedy in between (though there are a couple of toilet-humor sequences). His direction is fresh and good. But the screenplay is not tight. It took a beating in the second half.

Dialogues: Sateesh gave a 'Trivikram' brand sentiment dialogues for this film. You can observe that lots of matured dialogues in this film are a rehash work of Trivikram's dialogues. He did a neat work as a dialogue writer.

Music: Songs are not impressive in the audiocassette. But they are good to see on screen. Background music is also impressive. But most of the tunes are rehash work of Koti's old tunes and a Hindi song. The second song 'Excuse Me' is lifted from Hindi 'Style'.

Photography: Camera work by Srinivasa Reedy is good. He captured the beauty of abroad locations very well. Locations in this film are awesome.

Production: This film is made on a lavish scale. You can see beautiful locations, which were never captured before on Telugu screen before.

Analysis: First half of the film has some entertainment. Second half is the weakling. The scenes in which the couple gets separated in the second half are very unconvincing. The story in second half is very predictable. Plus points of the film are locations, music and photography. Over all it's an average film. You can watch it once at your leisure.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Hai Film Review
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