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Just Released (10th February 2000) - Handsup
Jayasudha Kapoor
JSK Combines

Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5
Jeevi Rating
2.75/5 (Two and three fourth on a scale of five)
Jayasudha, Brahmanandam, Nagababu and Chiranjeevi(Guest).
Music: Sashi Preetam
Story: Jayasudha Kapoor
Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi
Screenplay and Direction: Siva Nageswara Rao
Producer: Nitin Kapoor
Theatrical Release Date
10th February 2000

Hyderabad is rocking with bomb blasts and the CBI branch of Hyderabad and AP Police failed to investigate and find the culprit out. Now its the turn of Saraswati (Jayasudha), a CBI officer from Delhi to take up the assignment. As a new officer is coming from Delhi, Giribabu, the Hyderbad head of CBI elects two of the 'good for nothing' fellows to assist Saraswati. Giribabu chosen these two guys, because they are capable of frustrating Saraswati with their brainless work. There by Giribabu can save his skin from the CBI HQ.

Coming to the two guys on the Mission: Muddu Krishna,Fondly called as Muddu(Nagababu) and Jagan, Gun .... Jagan(Brahmanandam) are close buddies can equally compete with each other in their brains.

Then there is a Den. There lies a Hindi Villain called Tuglak, who is on a mission to destabilize Hyderabad by planting bombs. All his followers do not know Hindi, Tanikella Bharani is used as a translator to promote (mis)communication.

As Saraswati takes up the assignment to unveil the real story, Jagan and Muddu spare no effort to fail the mission with their gullibility. It does not take long for Saraswati to understand the capabilities of jagan and Muddu. Still she prefers them as her assistants.

By looking at the way Saraswati behaves with Jagan and Muddu, our deadly duo comes to a conclusion that she is loving one of them. One day, Jagan finds a suitcase on the road and comes to know about the terrorist's destructive blue print accompanied by the some money. They traces the person to whom this suitcase to be delivered and finds it to be Ramakoti (Kota). That money was sent to Ramakoti from Tuglak, which accidentally lands up into the hands of Jagan. This creates a major misunderstanding between Ramkoti and Tuglak.

Ramakoti threatens Tuglak that he will surrender to police and becomes an approver, if Tuglak fails to give him money. When the birthday party of Ramkoti is going on, Tuglak gangs injects him poison and kills him.

This dead body of Ramkoti is used as a pray by Saraswati to entice Tuglak. They make the deadbody of Ramkoti go for morning walk and give a press talk. Tuglak thinks that Ramkoti is alive. As Saraswati is making Ramkoti become an approver, Tuglak frantically tries to kidnap Ramkori. At the same time the close buddies Gajan and Muddu are in neckdeep love with Saraswati. To know what this exciting climax has to offer, one got to watch in on a big silver screen.



Jayasudha: Jayasudha is an apt actor for Saraswati character. Her role in this film needs the acumen of an Intelligent officer and the naivety of a common Indian woman. She is as glamorous as ever in those cute business suits. She danced with vigor in a song with indispensable Brahmanandam and inscrutable Nagababu.
Brahmanandam: This role is a soft one that is underplayed sensibly by Brahmanandam. His flashback episode of marriage is one of the highlight of the film.
Nagababu: Nagababu did well with in his limitations. He is given less importance compared to Brahmanandam in this film. But he did well to compliment Brahmanandam in his own style.
Kota: He acted as a dead body in this film. its pretty difficult for a lively actor like him to stay dumb throughout the film. He just managed that.
Chiranjeevi: The surprise pack of the film comes as a cameo guest appearance by Chiranjeevi. When the deadly duo chases Tuglak, they land up at a Fashion Mela. Tuglak grabs a guy from behind and threaten Nagababu and Brahmanandam that he will kill that guy. Ultimately the new hostage of Tuglak turns out to be the Megastar. Chiru does some ventriloquism with a pet toy before giving the final punch to Tuglak and there ends the story of 'Handsup'. In the end it is shown that Chiru is the husband of Jayasudha.

Other Departments

Direction: Siva nageswara Rao tried to recreate the magic of 'money'. But the narration has taken a beating which resulted in viewers feel the movie is dragged. But there are a many scenes in this film that demonstrate the class of Sivanageswara Rao at directing slapstick comedy. We can see the taking of Ram Gopal Varma when it come to doing thrilling sequences followed by his own style of lighter vein comedy.

Music: Music in this film is impressive. Jayasudha is supposed to have taken special interest. There are five songs and three short songs. 'Lahiri Lahiri' song is good. 'Tragedy .. Tragedy' is very good. DTS in this film is strikingly impressive. Choreography by Laurance is pretty good in a song in which he danced with Deepti Bhatnagar.

Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi written good dialogues for this film. One can see lot of puns in his dialogues.

Production: This film started as small budget film and ended up as a big film. Uttermost care is taken in terms of production and promotion.


The USP of this film is comedy. As the story is simple, this film would have worked well if it is taken an hour to narrate. By adding five songs to the wafer-thin story and dragging the story in the second half, the director made this film a little insipid. Yet this film is worth watching just because Jayasudha has given a new flavor to Telugu Cinema by venturing into the untested territory. These sort of experiments should be welcomed by the viewers. This film is recommended for soft comedy lovers as well as Jayasudha and Chiru fans. We have to wait and see how the common Telugu viewer receives this novel film.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Handsup Review
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