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Movie review - Hanuman Junction
Hanuman Junction
Hanuman Junction
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Gudipoodi Srihari Review
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Jeevi Rating: 3.25 (Three and quarter)
Cast: Jagapati Babu, Venu, Arjun, Laya, Sneha, Vijaya Lakshmi, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Brahamanandam, Rallapalli, M.S. Narayana and Kovai Sarala
Story: Rafi Meckardin
Dialogues: Thotapalli Madhu
Camera: Ram Prasad
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Art: M Kumar
Co-directors: Seetha Ramaraju and M.N.R
Music: Suresh Peters
Screenplay - Direction: M Raja
Producer: MV Lakshmi
Presented by: Editor Mohan

Theatrical Release Date: 21st December 2001



Krishna (Arjun) and Dasu (Jagapati Babu) are orphans and are close friends since childhood. Their motto in life is to win over the people and market by brute force methods. They start KD & Co together and make a fortune. Dasu has a younger sister Devi (Vijaya Lakshmi). Krishna too treats her as his own sister. Three of them live together and own a fortune earned at Hanuman Junction. Krishna has a childhood sweetheart Manjari (Sneha).

Sathru (Venu) joins KD & Co as a manager. He has a flashback. He loves Devi back in college. But she expresses her helplessness by telling that she marries the guy who is recommended by her brothers. Sathru is on the mission to win over the brothers to marry Devi. KD & Co organizes a cultural show in which Sangeeta (Laya) participates as a singer. The foolishness of KD & Co makes Sangeeta stay for four extra in Hanuman Junction, which lands her in a soup. When Sangeeta attempts suicide, Dasu and Krishna rescues her and brings her to their house.

Now Sathru and Devi decide to get a suitable girl each for Krishna and Dasu so that they will give green signal to the marriage of Sathru and Devi. From here onwards, the comedy or errors start. The relationships among the pairs alter. If you want to know how a serious mass film turn into a comedy flick with Venu excelling as a comedy star, you got to watch Hanuman Junction on the silver screen.



Artists: Jagapathi did a role of stupid, yet innocent, mass guy and he excelled in that role. Arjun underplayed his character to perfection in this film. Venu turned out to be a revelation as a comedy actor through Hanuman Junction. Sneha is really cute and homely-looking in her role. She is the perfect fit for her character. Laya did her role with ease. New heroine Vijaya Lakshmi is good looking and appears like a pure Telugu product. LB Sriram provides comic relief. Brahmanandam, MS Narayana and Kovai Sarala excel in their brief roles. Jaya Prakash Reddy is pretty good as the villain.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: The story and relationships in this film are quite complex. But the whole credit should go to the debutant director Raja to narrate story in such a way that all the viewers understand the complex and randomly changing relationships clearly. The film looks solid in most of the scenes. The director could have taken proper care to trim the unnecessary fight in the climax. This director knows the mass pulse. He can also effectively handle situational comedy.

Dialogues: The lifeline of this film is dialogue department. Marudhuri Raja has done excellent job in penning mass and comedy dialogues.

Comedy: Comedy in this film is very good. Venu character is full of comedy. Kovai Sarala has a brief role. She has a naughty dialogue 'Naa Boothe Naa Bavishyathu' (referring to 'Na Bhutho Na Bhavishat). There is one particular cow scene in this film in which LB Sriram and Venu gets dressed as cow and create a laugh riot in theater by entering the house of Krishna & Das. Much of the comedy in the film is situational humor.

Music: Suresh Peters has provided music for this film. Two of songs are good. But the background music of the film is inspired one.

Editing - Production: The editing of the film is crisp except for the climax. The production values are high. Each song in the film has at least 40 artists on the screen all the time. Editor Mohan is good at choosing suitable Malayalam films and changing them to suit the nativity of Telugu films.

Analysis: Hanuman Junction is a mass film with sufficient comedy stuffing. You got to forget some logic while watching this film to extract viewing pleasure. This film is from the makers of 'Kshemamga velli Labhamga Randi' and it does not disappoint, if you have no expectations. But the big question here is whether this mass film clicks at box office where only the love stories are ruling the roost.

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Gudipoodi Srihari Review
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