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Movie review - Hollywood
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Jeevi rating: 0.5/5
: Triple trouble
Genre: Fiction
Banner: Sarath Chandra productions
: Upendra, Felicity, Ananth Nag, Melukote Seenu (Monkey)
Story: Upendra
Music: Gurukiran
Producer: Ramu
Photography - Screenplay - Direction: Dinesh Babu
Release date: 3rd January 2003


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Surendra (Upendra) and Upendra (Upendra) are identical twins. Surendra is a research scientist in Los Angeles working with an old professor (Anant Nag). Upendra, a filmmaker from India, lives with his brother Surendra. Upendra's aim to is make an Oscar winning Hollywood film. They have a beautiful blond neighbor called Manisha (Felicity) who is an American Indian. Surendra is a shy guy and Upendra is a dashing guy. Surendra admires Manisha, but Manisha likes Upendra for his vigor.

Depressed Surendra tells his professor about his problem. Then the professor creates a robot which looks and acts like Upendra. That robot acts the way Manisha wants it to be and makes Manisha fall in love with Surendra. The professor's idea is to destroy the robot once Manisha falls in love with Surendra. In the process, the robot becomes selfish and it wants to remain as lover of Manisha. The robot starts misbehaving and tries to suppress Surendra. To counter this robot, the professor creates a look-alike of Manisha so that robot Manisha attracts robot Surendra. After coming to know about these look - alike and powerful robots, mafia in USA kidnaps these people. The climax deals with putting an end to this troublesome triplet.


Upendra: Upendra donned three roles in this film and he looks pathetic in the film. The only entertaining factor in his get-up is the dialogues uttered by robot and that credit goes to dubbing artist. Upendra has become too monotonous.

Ananth Nag: Anant Nag is just perfect for the role of robot-designing professor. His action is subtle with fine mannerisms.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story by Upendra for this film is weird. The following points are the glaring loopholes in the basic storyline.

1. Upendra comes to Hollywood in a bid to win Oscars. His grudge in life is that the white people in Hollywood don't like black skin. Hence they have not awarded Oscar to Lagaan. He wants to get an Oscar by making a film in Hollywood. After 15 minutes of storyline, he is totally missing from the story and again reappears towards the cliamax.
2. An identical man could be made only by cloning and not by designing a robot. Funniest thing about this robot is that it is programmed to listen to all languages in this universe including that of a monkey.
3. When the cops in US catch this robot-guy, they marvel about his abilities in stead of reporting the same to the Government.

Screenplay - camera - direction: Screenplay of the film is very loose. Direction is full of flaws. The director failed to hold the attention of audiences towards the story. Camera work by the director is also mediocre.

Dialogues: There is one typical dialogue of Upendra (hate women) sorts in this film which says - 'Never trust females. The difference between male and female is Fe. In Chemistry Fe stands for Iron. And women tend to crush men with their iron like hard and rigid mentality' - 'adi koorchomani chebite padukune type'. The dialogue writers liberally used the expletive 'naa kodaka'. You find this expletive being used at least once in every 5 minutes.

Music: Music by guru Kiran is pathetic. Only song that could get some attention is that song 'I dash you' because of the funny lyric and mass beat. All other songs are bad.

There are only two Indian actors in this film (Upendra and Ananth Nag). As if one Upendra is not enough, we have triple role for him. Upendra's action gets onto your nerves. 'Hollywood' is a boring film with unimpressive script. You can safely avoid it, even when you get a chance to watch it for free on your idiot box. It is disheartening to start the New Year by watching a film like 'Hollywood'.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Hollywood Review
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