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Movie review - Hyderabad
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Jeevi Rating: 2.5/5 (Two and Half)
Genre: Action
Cast: Siva Charan, Ravali, Narsing Yadav, Raman Punjabi, Ravi Shankar, Ayyappa P Sharma, Brahmaji, Venu Madhav, PJ Sharma, Shakuntala, Delhi Rajeswari, Narra
Music: Raj
Fights: Raju
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Ayyappa P Sharma
Producer: Narsing Yadav, Raman Punjabi & Raju

Theatrical Release Date: 9th November 2001



Siva Charan (Siva Charan) is an unemployed graduate belonging to a poor family. He secures a lucrative job in UAE through a Dubai agent. He stops over Hyderabad on his travel to Dubai. A petty thief robs him off his passport, visa and flight tickets.

A man named by Das (Ayyappa Sharma) takes him to a local goonda Narsing (Narsing Yadav). Narsing traces out the bag of Siva Charan, but in the process a gang war starts between Narsing and Raman Punjabi. As a result Siva Charan is captured by police and gets thoroughly tortured. Later on the police realizes that Siva Charan is innocent and he is let off. Das gives a place to stay for Siva Charan. There is another big don named Abu Saleem (Ravi Shankar). Siva Charan grows big over a period of time and settles as the rival don of Abu Saleem.

The rest of the film is about how Siva Charan puts a stop to the life of Abu Saleem.


Cast: One plus point about the film is the cast acting without makeup. There is no dramatization in the action. Every actor and actress acted with in the limitations of the character. Siva Charan is OK for his character. But he looked too obese and lethargic to be an angry young hero. Ravali has done a role of prostitute and she is extremely good in that character. Ravi Shankar, the brother of Sai Kumar, donned the role of Abu saleem. And he acted very well and attracted the crowds with his histrionics of a Muslim don. Brahmaji did a cameo role of an ACP. Sai Kumar did a surprise appearance at the end of the film.

Technical Departments:

Story: 'Godfather' genre films heavily inspire the story of the film. You can find the original traces of this film in Nayakudu, Siva and Satya.

Screenplay - Direction: Ayyappa seems to have done his homework well. He has done a pretty decent job as the director. The way he established each and every character is very good. The best part of the film is the editing. The sound and visuals of the film flow smoothly from scene to scene. But he could not sustain the interest as the film neared the climax. It's pretty hard to make a 2 and half hours film without songs.

Music: Raj has done a very good job for background music. DTS mixing of the film is impressive. An interesting aspect of this film is that there are no songs.

Analysis: This film is a poor attempt to imitate the blockbuster of last decade like Nayakudu and Siva. Though the fights are composed by the veteran fight master Raju, they fail to impress the audience. The main drawback is the lack of entertainment value. This movie opened with empty halls. 'Hyderabad' may do well in B and C centers because of the film's mass elements. This film is not recommended for family viewers and youth.

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