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Movie review - Ika Antha Subhame Pelli Jaripinchandi
Ika Antha Subhame Pelli jaripinchandi
(anni prema kathalu okalaa vundadu)

Jeevi rating: 1/5
: good example for a bad film
Can kids watch this film?
YES (no Vulgarity & no violence)
Kotipally Productions
Sai Kiran, Priya Sahadevan, Vijayabhaskar, Priyanka Naidu, GV, Ranganath, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Sana, Jayalalitha
Dialogues: Gollapati Nageswara Rao, Ramachandram
Cinematography: KV Ramesh,
Music: Swetha Naga
Re-recording: Raj
Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja, Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar, Swetha Naga, Pydisetti Ram
Concept, Story & Producer: KV Papa Rao (Bharani)
Screenplay & Direction: Thota Krishna
Release date: 30th January 2004


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Madhav (Sai Kiran) - a degree college student - falls in love with his newly-joined class mate Radha (Priya Sahadevan). When he proposes to her, she reveals that she is already married when she was kid to her bother-in-law (GV). After coming to know about the love of his married daughter to another guy, her father Bhupati Raja (Ranganath) takes her away from Hyderabad. The rest of the film is all about how Madhav gets back his love Radha with the consent of Bhupati Raja.

Artists Performance

Sai Kiran is good in this film. Buts it is so awkward to see somebody else dubbing his voice. Heroine Priya Sahadevan looks OK in traditional attire. She is not convincing enough in emotional scenes. She deliberately exposed her cleavage in almost all duets of the film. The comedy track between Jaya Lalitha, LB Sriram and MS Narayana (as lecturers) is in cheap taste. Ranganath and Sana are OK as parents of heroine. Priyanka Naidu fills the glamour slot in the film.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story of the film is about child marriage. But, the director used the popular technique of love and elopement before delivering the message that love marriage concept is harmful for the kids.

Screenplay - direction: Screenplay of the film is uninteresting. Direction leaves a lot to be desired. The taking of the film reminds you of old Television serials. The director failed in conceptualization of scenes and getting right kind of performance from the artists.

Other departments: 2 melodious songs in this film scored by Swetha Naga are decent. Dialogues are not up to the mark. Camera work is inconsistent. Lighting work is improper and color grading is dissimilar. Editing of the film is average. Re-recoding by Raj is OK. The production values of the film are very low.

Analysis: First half of the film is boring, as it has nothing to offer. Second half is slightly better as there is some momentum in story. One wonders why Sai Kiran who had a decent track record accepted such a bad proposition. This film is surely going to suffer because of bad direction and low technical values. IASPJ stands as a good example for a bad film.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of Ika Antha Subhame Pelli Jaripinchandi Review
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