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Iddaru Mitrulu - A review
RK Movies
Iddaru Mitrulu
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
Jeevi Rating
3/5 (Three on a scale of five)
Chiranjeevi, Saakshi Sivanand, Ramya Krishna and Suresh
Screenplay and Direction: K Raghavendra Rao
Producer: Chanti Addala
Music: Mani Sharma
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Dialogues: Divakar Babu
Choreography: Laurance
Theatrical Release Date
30th April 1999

Chiru and Saakshi (Iddaru Mitrulu or IM) tease each other very much and at the same time, they love (as a friend) each other so much. At one point of time, Chandra Mohan expresses his wish to get IM married to each other, which they jocularly refuse and say that they are just friends. One fine day Chiru spots Ramya at a shopping complex and gets attracted to her. He confesses to Saakshi that there is something about Ramya. She gives him a few tips over pataoing a gal. Ultimately Chiru succeeds in wooing Ramya. They get married with the consent of their parents (who happens to be childhood buddies). Ramya get little suspicious about the relationship between IM right on the day of marriage. Suresh, an ace ad photographer follows Saakshi and succeeds in impressing upon her. She sends Chiru as messenger for their marriage after taking opinion of Chiru about their love. Saakshi and Suresh ends up in tying the knots. After a few days, Saakshi finds Suresh flirting with one of his! ! model girl. When confronted about this Suresh tells her that nature of ad business demands such a type of intimate flirting sessions. Chiru comes to know about this from Saakshi and go to Suresh place to warn him. Suresh rebuffs questioning relationship between IM. Chiru feels helpless as IM are just friends and share no blood relationship. Suresh insults later Chandra Mohan when he tries to rectify him, which leads a fight between Suresh and Chiru. Exasperated by this incident Suresh pains Saakshi's heart by alleging an illegitimate affair between IM and drags Saakshi out of his house on the rainy night. Chiru spots Saakshi on the road and try to console her, which is witnessed by Ramya.


Saakshi is staying with her dad. Ramya starts treating Chiru indifferently since she spotted both of them in a suggestive pose. Saakshi realizes that she is pregnant. One night, when Ramya and Chiru are getting ready for a cozy romance during late night, Chiru receives a call from Saakshi's house cleaner that she is fallen from stairs and she is in critical position. Chiru immediately leaves to Saakshi's house after explaining the situation to Ramya. Ramya felt frustrated after Chiru leaves her abruptly in the middle of romance. Later Ramya gives Chiru an option to choose between her and Saakshi. Chiru happily opts for friend to wife. This is the last straw and Ramya leaves to her parent's place after encouraged by her mother to teach Chiru a lesson. Saakshi, unaware of the widening gap between Ramya and Chiru, is reaching close to her delivery date. Chiru come to know about Saakshi's innate desire for a "Seemantham". He arranges a Seemantham for her. Later Suresh looses hi! ! s position of ace photographer to another person and realizes the importance of Saakshi. As the movie reaches climax, Saakshi comes to know about that gap she created between Chiru and Ramya by her. When Saakshi go to Ramya's house to convince Ramya about the relationship between IM, Vijaya and Ramya insult her. While coming back to home, Saakshi is bumped by a car. Chiru admits Saakshi in hospital. By this time Suresh enters the hospital to forcibly take her to his home. Suresh try to do abortion to Saakshi thinking that the reason for pregnancy is Chiru. Chiru come just in time to save Saakshi. Then the chase of cars begun, which ultimately ends up in an accident that leads to Chiru saving the life Suresh. Suresh then realizes the IM relationship. Later Ramya too realizes her fault. Hence, the movie ends up as Mugguru Mitrulu with saakshi's kid joining the existing IM and making it MM.

Actors: This story mainly revolves around Chiru and Saakshi. Chiru excelled well in his role of soft portrayal, sans heroism. Ramya role has very little importance in second half. Sudhakar played a role of Saakshi and Chiru's buddy, who has the habit of telling only truths, there by leaking the valuable information at the critical times. Ramya and Saakshi excelled in their roles. But its hard to see the glamour doll Saakshi in a sentimental role (a la Rachana in Bavagaru . ). Chandra Mohan, AVS and Vijaya justified their roles of limited exploitation. Rambha acted(danced) in a very well pictured mass song as hip shaker and pelvis thrasher.

Direction: It is a very atypical of Raghavendra Rao and Chiru combination to select such a soft story. He did not do complete justice to direction as he seem to have lost his grip over subject during the last two reels. Muthaya Subbaiah or Jayanth would have handled this story in a better manner. He hurried at the end giving a complete anti-climax. Did u watch any movie, which does not have a fight to end the movie with?

Music: ManiSharma produced excellent backdrop music and melodious cum fast tract songs.

Screenplay: Screenplay is shabby. There is no continuity in the story.

Fights: There are only two fights in the movie and the fight is between Chiru and Suresh. This story gives no scope for fight sequences.
Song One: " Ededu Lokaallo choolledu ilanti ammai" . Chiru explains the sweet and pure relationship and feelings between IM (Chiru and Saakshi). Sung by Balu and Chitra.

Song Two: "Dekh baby Dekh Baby" .. Chiru and Ramya dances to this catchy tune in picturesque New Zealand Landscape. Sung by balu and chitra.

Song Three:" Chang Chang Chang Ree" . Suresh captures the beauties of Saakshi in a dream sequence. Raghavendra Rao demonstrated how to show a heroine in the most sensual way. Sung by Udit Narayan.

Song Four: "Manasa vacha Manasiste" Chiru again touches New Zealand with Ramya for a song with classic steps. Sung by Manu and Chitra

Song Five: "Bangaram Techi" . Chiru cheers up Saakshi with a seemantham song. Very well sung by Partha saradhi, a find of balu's "Padutha Teeyagaa".

Song Six: " hey Rukku Rukku Maa'm" .. Chiru breaks into song with sexy Rambha and dances away with gay abandon. Shot at Ramoji Film City. At one instance they creates chaos with their lungi clad dance.
This role of Chiru suits the likes of Jagapathi Babu and Shobhan Babu. There is absolutely no Heroism in this role. Chiru fans (First day matinee crowds) are slightly disappointed with the movie. Only song which made them dance in the movie hall is "Hey Rukku Rukku Maa'm". Fate of this movie depends on how family audiences receive the movie. Even at the time of "Bavagarooo .." audiences felt that the role of Hero is best suited to Rajendra Prasad to Chiru. Lets wait for the final verdict by Andhra Audiences in the weeks to come.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Iddaru Mitrulu Review
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