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Movie review - Jaatiya Pataakam
Jaatiya Pataakam

Jeevi rating: 0.25/5
: Dreadful dubbing dose
Banner: -
Cast: Arjun, Tabu, Nivedita, Goundramani, Rallapally
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra
Dialogues: Srirama Krishna
Art: Thota Tharani
Story - Screenplay - Direction:
Producer: Surendra
Release date: 22nd November


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Note: Actually I felt cheated after watching this movie, since it's a dubbed version of a 5-year old Tamil film. We could see baby Shamili in a kid role. This film is a dubbed version of Tamil film "Thayin Manikodi" released in 1997. The producer Surendra cleverly duped us by releasing it in the end of year 2002. If it were released in 1997 in Telugu, our TV channels would have shown it on TV for at least 10 times. Hence I recommend the visitors to view any other Tamil/Malayalam dubbed film for free on TV channels (where you have an option to surf channels) than paying hard cash and watch it in an empty theater. I wanted to skip writing review of this film. But again, if I could stop one idlebrain.com visitor from getting temped and watch this film, it would be a great achievement.


Arjun (Arjun) is a sincere and most efficient CBI officer. He rescues a kidnapped lady Rani (Tabu) from the clutches of Pak based terrorists. But in the process Rani looses both of her parents. Arjun takes Rani to his house, as she is vulnerable and could be kidnapped by the terrorists again. With the help of Rani, he makes a sketch of the kingpin of terrorist organization and publishes it in major newspapers. The kingpin summons a local don to eliminate Arjun. In the process Arjun arrests the local don. Then it is revealed that the local don is none other than the father of Arjun's deceased wife. With the help of that relationship Arjun makes the local don an approver. The film ends with Arjun fighting it out with the terrorist kingpin and saving the secret documents that are about to be sold to foreigners.


Artists: Arjun appears redundant with his histrionics. Right expression for right moment gives maximum impact (like the ones in Shankar films like Gentleman and Oke Okkadu). But giving those kind of expression when they are not needed in films like 'Jaatiya Pataakam' is bound to arouse negative response. Tabu looks ok. Second heroine Nivedita looks lanky and shown good amount of her leg. : Goundramani's comedy is good. He acted as a hero who comes down to Arjun's place and observes him for the portrayal of the role of a CBI officer in his next venture.

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Story of the film is pretty simple and predictable. A small kid, having seen umpteen such films, can come up with a far better story. Screenplay is bad and the scenes jump from one emotion to another. Direction of the film is mediocre.

Other departments: Music by Vidya Sagar is cacophonic except for a melody song. Hence we will not have a chance to listen to lyrics by Bhuvana Chandra as they were eaten up by loud music. Editing of this film is pretty bad. Photography is also bad.

Final word: You can safely ignore this film.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Jaatiya Pataakam Film Review
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