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Movie review - Janda
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Jeevi rating: 2.5/5
Banner: Sri Rajarajeswari International Films
Cast: Ajju, Sravan, Rajesh, Akriti, Roshini, Rikki, L.B.Sriram, M.S. Narayana, Mallikarjuna Rao, Costumes Krishna, Sakuntala, Jayalalitha, Rajitha and Master FatheSingh, KC Sekhara Babu
: Vandemataram Srinivas
Photography: Kodi Lakshman
Editing: T Suresh
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Kodi Rama Krishna
Production: Dr.Satyamurthy Kotamraju
Release date: 2nd October 2002


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A hot-blooded hockey-playing youngster (Ajju) challenges the corrupted CM (KC Sekhar Babu) and becomes a CM to make the state clean and bring the culprits to the book.


This movie has lots of news faces in the youthful roles. Among the main star cast, the guy who played the role of naxalite leader makes an impact. Hero Ajju is decent in this performance. The heroine Akruthi looks like the dusky version of item song heroine Alphonsa.

Technical Departments

Story: 'Janda' is inspired by lots of sensational events that took place in the recent past including Musharaf Agra Visit, Pratyusha's mysterious death, Printing of fake currency notes, Naxalite talks with government, Tehalka tapes, Making of fake branded products, YS Raja Sekhar Reddy antics, Satyagraha dramas at Tankbund, Umesh Chandra episode, recent attacks on Parliament etc. The storyline is inspired by 'Oke Okkadu' film and the characterization of heroine is a take off from Hindi film 'Gadar'.

Screenplay - direction: Kodi has a unique style of making political movies. And this one belongs to that genre. But, the days have gone where his style of directing and narration is appreciated. The direction is very old fashioned. He also tried to insert all the latest news events into the storyline irrespective of their significance to the story.. This film has the protagonist becoming Chief Minister by the interval time and viewers would be wondering what director is going to do in the second half.

Music: Music by Vandemataram is average. There are two patriotic songs in this film. 'ekkadaraa' song is good. Most of the songs in this film are 'dappu' based ones.

Other departments: Dialogues by Poosala are good. There are occasional comedy oriented dialogues in the first half that clicked well. Photography by Kodi Lakshman is pretty average.

Production: Dr. Kotamraju Satyamurthy - a successful NRI from USA - made a commendable attempt of making a patriotic movie. But the efforts did not materialize into appreciation as the narration and direction lacked the punch. Movies are primarily meant for entertainment, but not for preaching.

First half of the film is average and second half is boring. The director strayed aimlessly in the second half by dragging it beyond the limit. After watching 'Oke Okkadu', where director Shankar made a smiliar film with a sophisticated approach of changing the political destiny of a state with under current strong mass touch, Janda looks contrived and stale inspite of having many recent events imbibed into it. This film is also loosely based on the same story line and Kodi Rama Krishna resorted to the age-old method of narrating the film crudely. The director got confused thoroughly about the hero's characterization in the second half and confused the audiences with the turn of events that lead to the climax. Over all it's a bad film made with good intentions.

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