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Movie Review - Jayam Manadera
Suresh Productions
Jayam Manadera
Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5

Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5 (Two and three quarter on a scale of five)
: Venky, Soundarya and Bhanupriya

Vandemataram Sreenivas
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Story, Screenplay and Direction: N Shankar
Producer: D Suresh Babu

Theatrical Release Date: 7th October 2000



Abhiram(Venky) is a fun loving guy staying with his parents in Europe. A bunch of 10 people won the contest of Thumps up, which gave them an opportunity to tour Europe. Uma (Soundarya) is one of the contest winners. Abiram likes Uma and acts as a tour companion for them during their stay in Europe. A shy Uma could not express her love towards him so she leaves a message in Abhiram's answering machine. But Abhiram could not listen to the message at the right time. Hence, Uma presumes that Abhiram does not love her and leaves back to India with her companions.

Abhiram, who happened to listen the message after Uma left, calls up Uma and make a contact with her. But it's too late for him, as the father of Soundarya (Prasad Babu) commits a marriage for her daughter with Purushottam (Surya), the son of main villain (Jaya Prakash).

On the other track, a parallel story is running in which Jaya Prakash and his gang of goons is searching for 'Rudrama Naidu'. When the father of Prasad Babu sees the photograph of Abhiram, he gets frieghtened and approach Jaya Prakash with the photograph. Jaya Prakash wants to eliminate 'Abhiram'.

When Abhiram comes to know that Uma may be forcibly getting married another guys, he decides to come to India to marry his sweetheart. Just when he comes of the airport, a gang that is after his life chases him and Uma. They (Abhiraam & Uma) could manage to slip off the goons and get ready to flee from India to Europe. During that time, goons again chased him and he is saved by Jhansi in a nick of time. She takes him to a hideout where a group of people hide.

They explain his about his flash back. He is the son of Mahadeva Naidu (Venky), who was the savior or Dalitulu and downtrodden people of 'Karamchedu'. He libarated the 'Dalitulu' in that area and he was killed by the villains, who are none but his relatives (Jaya Prakash). At the time of killing Rudrama Naidu (son) and Jhansi (daughter) are taken away by the lieutenants of Mahadeva Naidu so that they can be saved. At the time of killing Mahadeva Naidu swears that 'Rudrama Naidu' would come back and destroy the villains and save the poor people.

Rudrama Naidu, who is raised as 'Abhiraam', comes to know about the flash back and rest of the film is about how he takes the revenge.



Venky: Venky has done two roles as Mahadeva Naidu and Rudrama Naidu (aka Abhiraam). His has done justice to both the roles. But in his Abhiram role, he looked like has put on a few extra pounds of weight. His get-up as 'Mahadeva Naidu' is good. But his mannerisms are not different from earlier roles. His body language did not change for that character. In this film, when Venky come to stop Uma marriage, he utters a few ferocious dialogues that resemble Balayya dialogues of 'Samarasimha Reddy'. But Venky could not evoke any response from the viewers for the dialogues.

Soundarya: Soundarya played a glamour doll in this film. Her role is confined to first half. She hardly has some footage in the second half. Venky teases her in the film that she is fat Uma. Sounds like Venky is right in his judgment.

Bhanupriya: Bhanupriya has done the role of wife of 'Mahadeva Naidu'. He did her bit with full zest. And her role is very similar to her 'Ayodya Ramayya' role.

Technical Departments:

Dialogues: Paruchuri has given good dialogues for this film. But some of them may not be suitable for Venky.

Music: Music is a major letdown for this film. Vandemataram Sreenivas is given an opportunity to work with any of the top 4 heroes for the first time and he failed to make best out of it. Hen Keeravani and Mani Sharma has given an opportunity to work with the top 4 in the past with Kshanakshanam and Bavagaru Bagunnara, they delivered musical hits. On the top of it, 3 songs from the audio album are cut down and another song (solo by Vandemataram for 'Mahadeva Naidu' was introduced). There is no continuity and smoothness in the film.

Screenplay: Screenplay is bad in the second half. It's pretty ordinary.

Direction: N Shankar has failed to utilize opportunity to direct Venky. His handling of climax is of very bad taste. Even the comedy scene where LB Sriram does vulgar stuff is of poor taste. He handled well certain scenes of 'Mahadeva Naidu'. At the end of the film, he wrapped up the climax.

Production: D Suresh Babu, who has flair for youth films with perfect script, has erred beyond repair for this film. Looks like he got confused about the script of the film and produced a film of story that would suit for the people a couple decades back.

Analysis: First half of the film is ok. But the second half of the film is boring and as we reach the climax, the situation worsens. It's very hard to believe that Venky has chosen such a film at this point of his career. Venky, who won the hearts of everyone with sympathetic roles in Raja and Kalisundam Raa could not deliver goods when it comes to doing the revenge taking youngster role. At certain parts of the second half, you will get a feel like you are watching a Sri Hari film (those senseless stunts and exaggerated dialogues). There is similarity in the story of 'Ayodya Ramayya' and 'Jayam Manadera'. The much-hyped 'Matrix' time freeze effect is not effective and unimpressive in the film. This film may not do well in A centers. We have to wait and see how it's going to fare in B and C centers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Jayam Manadera Review
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