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Movie review - Jodi No.1
Jodi No.1
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Jeevi rating: 1/5
: Uday's image exploited
Half Dubbed
Genre: Love
Banner: RK Movies
: Uday Kiran, Venya, Srija, Kaushal, Sumeet, Gowtam Raju, Rajitha, Pratani Ramakrishna Goud, Rajitha, Siva Reddy, Gundu Hanumantha Rao
Music: Vande Mataram
Dialogues: Tirupati Srinivas
Cinematography: Ram Prasad - Siva
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Story: RK Unit
Director - Screenplay:
Pratani Rama Krishna Goud
: Pratani Suguna
Release date: 7th March 2003


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Note: Jodi No.1 is a dubbed version of an unreleased Hinglish film 'Mysterious Girl'. The producer Pratani Rama Krishna Goud bought the Telugu dubbing rights and added the dubbed version of 'Mysterious Girl' as the flashback in this film. The producer canned 6 songs without Uday Kiran participating in any of them. He used Uday's close-up clips from Holi film and inserted in a song using graphics.


Gowtam (Uday Kiran) is a youngster who joins in a computer institute to learn Oracle. There he meets a girl called Anju (Venya) and falls in love with her. Gowtam is too shy and afraid to express his love to her. Anju is also a men-hater. Gowtam gets hold of a common friend called Preethy and asks her for more information on Anju. She says that Anju has a pen friend called Pinky, whom she never met. Pinky is supposed to visit Hyderabad. Later Preethy gets hold of an unopened letter addressed to Anju and opens it to find that Pinky has postponed her trip by months. Preethy gives Gowtam an idea to dress up like a girl go to Anju's place as her pen friend Pinky. Gowtam - dressed like the girl - stays with Anju for few days. Meantime, the real Pinky lands up at Anju's place. The rest of the story is about what happens next.

[Note: The above mentioned story is from the flashback of the film, which is also the dubbed version of 'Mysterious Girl'. The rest of the story is not worth talking about]


Uday Kiran : Uday Kiran acted in this before his 'Chitram' days. He looks pretty raw. Recently he did few scenes for this film with girl get-up. He looks good. But Uday's fans are in disappointment as we could see the real Uday Kiran only after one hour after the starting of the film. Somebody else did dubbing for Uday Kiran.

Others: Venya looks sensible in the flashback. Otherwise, she is just average. Ayesha is good in parts. Kaushal (who acted as Uday's friend in Sreeram) got a better role in this film and he did well. Sumeet character is hilarious. There is a comedy track by Gowtam Raju, where he is shown imitating Sai Kumar in an irritating style. Most of the actors in this film are unknown faces. Some of the actors do not even know how to face the camera.

Technical Departments:

Story: The story of the film is senseless. There are so many loopholes and illogical turns in the movie.

Screenplay - Direction: Pratani Rama Krishna Goud - the producer - takes the credit for directing the film. Somebody else directed the flashback part of the film. Rama Krishna Goud's direction is amateurish. Screenplay of the film is bad and there is no continuity in narration.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Tirupati Srinivas are just average. However there are some rhythm-oriented dialogues like 'Shalinitho pettukoku. Salthi lechipothundi' - 'Kaali! Nee pani inka khaali'.

Music: Music by Vandemataram is average. He used many of the popular tunes from Hindi pop albums. Chandra Bose has penned good lyrics for 'Nuvvu naaku telusu' song. There is another song in this film that describes Uday Kiran's dimples with referring to him as 'Uday Kiranamma' (Uday Kiran in lady get-up). Siva Reddy did a guest song that is inspired by 'Aata kavala' from 'Annayya' film.

This film is made just to cash in the craze Uday Kiran has. The audiences are clueless about what's happening on the screen for the first one hour. There are some vulgar scenes in the flashback. This film opened with decent crowds on the morning show of release day, mainly because of Uday Kiran. Audience are very much disappointed as Uday Kiran is not seen on the screen for the most of the time. You can safely avoid watching this film.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Jodi No.1 Review
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