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Movie review - Juniors
Ravi Teja
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Jeevi rating: 2/5
: Aimed at adolescents
Genre: Love
Banner: Sri Balaji Art Productions
: Allari Naresh, Pavan, Anil, Shireen, Tanikella Bharani, Prakash Raj, Vizag Prasad, Sudhakar, Lakshmipati, Jr. Relangi, Gowtamraju, Sattenna, Dasanna, Pardhasaaradhi, Benarjee
Music: Chakri
Songs: Bhaskarabhatla, Madhuphala, Kandikonda, Pothula Ravi kiran and Sirivennela
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Screenplay - Director: J Pulla Rao
Producer: J Bhagawan & Danayya
Release date: 24th January 2003


tell a friend


Mahesh (Naresh) is son of a fish-seller. Pooja (Shireen) is the daughter of a businessman. Both of them are thick friends since childhood as they studied in the same convent/school/college. Mahesh has lusty feelings towards Pooja during his adolescent. But Pooja has love feelings towards him. They also have a group of 4 more friends with whom they move closely. Unfortunately, the parents of these guys are very skeptical about their kids and always scold them. Vexed by the hostile attitude of parents, these kids leave from their homes and travel to a new place.

The rest of the story is all about what they did to survive and how they make their parents realize the importance of raising kids in proper way.

Artists: Allari Naresh did a decent job. But his range of expressions is very limited and he has to do few good films to avoid becoming repetitive. Heroine Shireen, who is also acted in the Tamil original film, did a good job. Prakash Raj did a short, but powerful role in Juniors. He has 10 minutes dialogue during the climax of the film, which became the saving grace for this film. Tanikella Bharani is at his best. Vizag Prasad has got a variety role and he generated some entertainment with his acting as a suspicious father of the heroine. Sudhakar has got a lengthy role in this film after a long gap.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The basic storyline of the film is about how kids vexed with negative attitude of parents go away from home. Though this film is remade from a Tamil hit film, you get a feeling like watching a Malayalam dubbed film. Instead of concentrating on the narration of the story, the director went for inserting hot/pervert sexual scenes to excite the teens. The debutant director Pulla Rao is not impressive in his direction or screenplay.

Other technical departments: Songs by Chakri are average and background score is bad. Camera work is average. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja and editing work by Gowtam Raju are ok.

First half of the film is average as it established the characters. Second half is dragged and boring. Looks like the director has done scene-scene copy from the original, as you do not see any conviction in narration and you do not find soul in the film. Only plus point of the film is a 10-minute dialogue by Prakash Raj where he explains how parents should raise their kids. Ladies cannot watch this film in theaters because of few crude scenes that embarrass them.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Juniors Review
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