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Movie review - Karthik
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Jeevi rating: 1/5
: a journey to boredom
Genre: Love/action
: Mukesh, Kanishka
Music: Sashi Preetam
Producer: Madhu varma
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Murali Raju
Theatrical release date: 3rd April 2003


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Karthik (Mukesh) is a rich guy who lost his parents and siblings in an air crash. He has all the money and comforts in life but he wants to leave everything behind and try to make a living on his own. His only qualification other than his studies is playing guitar. He thus embarks on a journey.

There is another parallel story that's happening between two mafia dons - Pandu and Neelam (both are guys). Pandu's aides are in search of Neelam. Nobody knows how Neelam looks like. But they know that he wears black dress all the time and carries his ammunition in a guitar case.

Incidentally Karthik also wears black dress and carries guitar case. With the confusion, the henchmen of Pandu chase Karthik. The rest of the story is all about how Karthik falls in love with a beautiful girl in his journey and how he escapes from the perilous situation.

Artists: The entire film has new faces. With a chocolate boy kinda face, the hero Mukesh resembles Varma's find Aftab Shivadasani. Though his character has no scope for any performance, he impresses with his performance. Heroine Kanishka is very beautiful and looks like a model. She acted well.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Before writing about any of these aspects, we need to discuss more about the director. Murali Raju is the director of this film and he is the maternal uncle of sensational director Ram Gopal Varma. We have seen many kith and kin of celebrities entering the film industry. But for the first time, an elder (with a gap of one generation) kin of a director made his debut as a director. Can you imagine the father of a popular hero making his debut as hero because his son is a big hero? Its something like that in this case.

The direction is dull; screenplay is sloppy and the taking is tasteless. You can find the thrillers on Telugu TV channels far better than this film.

Music: The best part of this film is good songs by Sashi Preetam. But the picturization of the songs is bad. The background music is hackneyed. Rerecording is awful.

Other departments: Photography of the film is mediocre. I am told that the budget of the film is so low that they did not have provision for the arrangement of lighting equipment like reflectors and lights. Hence the film's quality is badly affected. Editing of the film is not sharp. Dialogues are very boring except for a few occasional popular English quotes like 'we will not get the life we like. But we can always like the life we get'.

The basic story line is a typical Varma genre story where the hero is on the run and he meets a girl, then he is dragged into mafia elements. But the taking and narration is no way comparable to that of Ram Gopal Varma. The entire film is taken in a couple of farmhouses and empty roads. You can see more of the repeated sequences of flying helicopters and trees in the songs than the faces of hero and heroine. The hero wears single dress in the entire film. The heroine has a limited wardrobe. The producer is little liberal towards heroine - she has one new dress for each song. Over all - 'Karthik' film is a failed attempt to ape Varma's films.

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