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Movie review - Khaki Chokka
Khaki Chokka
Jeevi Rating: 3.25/5
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Jeevi Rating: 3.25/5 (Three and quarter)
: Sai Kumar, Thriller Manju, Nilambari, Jayalakshmi, Satya Prakash, JP & Murali Mohan

Story, Dialogues, Fights, Screenplay & Direction: Fight Master Vicky

Theatrical Release Date: 29th June 2001



Sai Ram (Thriller Manju) is an auto driver with spirited personality. His goal in life is to serve the nation in the capacity of police officer. Janardhan (JP) is an ex-MLA and he creates terror in the city with his criminal acts. Pratap (Sai Kumar) joins in a house in the colony of Sai Ram. Pratap is a calm-going guy with a beautiful wife (Nilambari) and a kid. He never gets angry, even when the goons tried to molest her in the public. The police department could not handle the menace of goons and are in search for the appropriate officer who can put an end to the mess being created by the villains. They track the records and find that there used to be one brilliant police officer by name Tiger Pratap, who created terror during his tenure, but resigned due to some personal problems. There is another retired Kargil hero in the town whose name is Subhash (Murali Mohan). The police approach Subhash to convince Pratap to join police force again. When Subhash and Sai Ram accuse Pratap of sacrificing the nation's interest for the sake of his family safety, wife of Pratap starts telling the flash back.

<Begin Flash back >

Pratap is a sincere ACP in the city. He puts Satya (Satya Prakash) behind the bars. Satya is the backbone of the ex-MLA Janardhan, who creates the terror in the city. But the villains and his own bosses victimize Pratap to get rid of him. Hence, Pratap takes a decision to resign.

<End Flash back >

Will Pratap join the police force and put an end to the villains or not. If you are curious, you must watch it on the big screen to know the climax.



Sai Kumar: Sai Kumar underplayed his character in the second half. In second half he is at his usual best by blasting with powerful dialogues.

Nilambari: Like 'Bachi', she did journalist role in this film too. But this character is of serious journalism and she played the wife's role where there is more maturity in her histrionics.

Satya Prakash: Satya Prakash is a revelation in this film. His did a controlled eccentric performance in this film. He got the more appreciation from the crowds compared to the heroes of the film. In he can get these kinds of roles in the future films; he can become a major threat to Prakash Raj.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: The direction of this film is decent compared to the storyline chosen by the fighter turned director Vicky. Though he has chosen the routine story with a powerful flashback, he made sure that the narration is gripping. The frontbenchers are silent in the beginning. As the movie progressed, the applause from the audience increased with the tempo of the film.

Dialogues: Dialogues in this film are pretty lengthy, but good. Some of the dialogues, especially the political and patriotic ones are well written. But the timing of these dialogues is not good. Hence the dialogues that looked powerful on paper could not be converted into good ones on the screen.

Music: There are no songs in this film, which made the narration more interesting. Vandemataram has given good backdrop music for this film.

Fights: The fights in this film are not really new, though the director himself is a fight master who has good experience. A couple of fights (Fire fight and chase fight by Thriller Manju) are good.

Analysis: This film may not be a great film. But, it is going to cater to the needs of its target audiences. This film dishes out more than what you expect from a Sai Kumar's police oriented film. Watch without any expectations. You will not get disappointed. A good try by the debutant director Vicky. It will definitely finds a place in all B and C centers.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Khaki Chokka Review
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