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Movie Review - Kodanda Ramudu
NV Reddy Presents
Kaanthi krishna Arts

Kodanda Ramudu
Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5
Click here for the Telugu Review of Kodanda Ramudu
Click here for the Audio Review of Kodanda Ramudu
Jeevi Rating
2.75/5 (Two and threefourth on a scale of five)
Chakri, Rambha, Laya and Surya
Photography: Sarat
Choreography: Narayana (Debutante) and Tara ('Kodanda Ramuduki')
Music: SV Krishna Reddy
Dialogues: Divakar Babu
Story, Screenplay & Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Producer: Rama Krishna Reddy
Theatrical Release Date
1st January 2000

Ramu (Chakri) is a tour guide at Araku Valley, who is deeply in love with Mounika (Rambha). Mounika is a citybred 'practical' girl. She thinks love is a tool that people use to fulfill their materialistic needs. She believes that Ramu is faking her with his artificial love.

Ramu loves Mounika sincerely. Mounika encourages Ramu to love her overtly and makes a fool of him covertly. Fueled by the encouragement Mounika gave him, Ramu expresses his love to her. She deftly rejects him and insults him. Enraged Ramu challenges Mounika that she will come back to him and beg him to marry her.


Annual celebrations are going on in Araku and a dance troop consisting of 'Latha'(Laya) come to Araku to exhibit their song/dance talents. Latha starts liking Ramu. Mounika comes to know that Latha is the daughter of one of the richest Indians on the earth. As Latha gets emotionally closer to Ramu, Mounika starts repenting about her decision to reject Ramu.

Mounika comes back to Ramu and begs him to accept her love and marry her. Ramu rejects Mounika with uttermost professionalism of a lover. A dejected lover she is, Mounika resorts to the last ditch attempt. That is to go for a suicide. If you want to know what happens in the climax, you gotta watch this film on a big silver screen.


Chakri: Chakri acted with ease in a role that demands sensibility of an innocent lover and mass image that is projected by a typical telugu hero. Chakri's image as a mass hero enhanced with this film as this role has a lot of punch dialogues that got raving applause from the front benchers.
Rambha: She did her part with zest. Her body language is a treat to watch in songs.
Laya: Being a dark horse in this film, Laya stole the show with her excellent performance.
Surya: His character is a straight take off from 'Premakuvelayara'. His action is a big plus point to the film as it gives us lot of comic relief.

Direction: Though his touch of sentiment and comedy is intact, SV Krishna Reddy seems to have taken more time to narrate the story.

Dialogues: The biggest plus point for this film are dialogues by Divakar Babu. His dialogues in second half are very good, especially the comedy section.

Music: Music of the film is very melodious and purely traditional.

Choreography: Narayana, a debutante choreographer, has injected lot of body language into dances. Choreography for the first song('Mounika Mounika') and the second song of the film ('kannejaaji') is excellent. Tara's choreography for the song 'Kodanda Ramayyaku' is very good.

Production: Rama Krishna Reddy, a first timer and a Nizam distributor, did produce this film on a lavish scale without compromising on the production cost and quality.
Story is the weak point of the film. The director tried to induct the comedy track(by Brahmanandam and Ali), in vein. First half of the film is dull, sans superb songs. Second half is entertaining, especially the Surya's episode. On a whole this film is a watchable one for the lovers of SV Krishna Reddy films and comedy films. We have to wait and see how the viewers script the box office fate of 'Kodanda Ramudu'.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kodanda Ramudu Review
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