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Movie review - Kondaveeti Simhasanam
Kondaveeti Simhasanam
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Jeevi Rating: 0.5 (Half)
Genre: Action
Banner: Taraka Prabhu Films
Cast: Dasari Narayana Rao, Mohan Babu, Soundarya, Harsha Vardhan, Udaya Bhanu, Jaya Chitra, Telangana Shakuntala, Laya, Deepti Bhatnagar, Mada, Narra, Ravi Kumar
Photography: VSR Swamy
Music: Koti
Editing: Krishnam Raju
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction - Producer: Dasari Narayana Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 8th February 2002



Rama Chandra Naidu (Dasari) is the upholder of justice for the kondaveeti gadda, which consists of 5000 families. He has a dutiful servant Satti (Mohan Babu) and a beautiful maid Chitti (Soundarya). Naidu is a righteous leader who is liked by everybody in the village. A theft of public money occurs in the household of Naidu, which is done by Naidu's brother on the insistence of his mother (Telangana Sakunthala). Satti takes that theft on his behalf after realizing that his master's mother is behind it. He does not want his master to feel bad about master's mother.

A pal of Satti comes to know about the real matter and comment about it openly. Naidu vacates his position and makes Satti as the leader. The mother of Naidu does not like this turn around. She conspires with Nagamanamma (Jaya Chitra), who was on exile for the past 35 years. Nagamanamma is on revenge seeking mission. They want to separate Naidu and Satti by creating misunderstandings. The entire second half revolves around how the rift is created between Guru and Sishya.


Dasari: Dasari's get up is good. But his dialogue delivery is not up to the status of village head. He failed in making impression with his emotions.

Mohan Babu: Mohan Babu is the only plus point of the film. The occasional comedy involving scenes with Soundarya evoke some humor. He did well with in the limitations of the character.

Soundarya: The first remark she gets in his film is her excess weight. She did well as an actress. But she should also remember that Telugu guys don't like obese actresses anymore. This film will be her last film unless she loses some fat.

Udaya Bhanu: She did a vamp role. And she looks funny in most of the scenes. She is actually a natural anchor. Hence, when she puts some serious emotions on the screen, she looks awkward and viewers start booing at her.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: The story of this film is inspired by the relationship between Lora Rama and Lord Anjaneya in Ramayana. Dasari is supposed to be one of the most successful and inspirational director from whom tens of current successful directors honed their skills. After watching this film, one wonders if Dasari does knows direction or if somebody else directed this film. Screenplay and direction of the film is awful and pathetic. Dialogues in the film are pathetic.

Music: Koti's music is cacophonic in this film. Only one song is slightly better, which is inspired by a devotional tune. The background-music and recording quality of the film pathetic.

Photography: VSR Swamy's Photography of the film is pretty bad. They must have used cheap stock to can the movie.

Editing: Krishnam Raju's editing is not up to the mark. There are lots of abrupt jumps from one scene to another scene.

Analysis: Kondaveeti Simhasanam movie was conceived 2 years back. They stalled the movie half way through. Later on they replaced Arun Kumar with Harsha Vardhan. This film has nothing to offer but an occasional comedy by Mohan Babu. Watching 'Kondaveeti Simhasanam' is like experiencing a 3-hour continuous torture. Keep a safe distance from this film.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kondaveeti Simhasanam Film Review
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