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Krishna Babu - A review
Cameraman V Srinivasa Reddy
Srinivasa Arts
Jeevi Rating: 4.5/5
Family Drama
Jeevi Rating
4.5/5 (Four and half on a scale of five)
Balakrishna, Raasi, Meena, Abbas, Chandra Mohan, Ramireddy
Director: Muthyala Subbaiah
Art - Story - Producer: Chanti Addala
Music: Koti
Editor: V Nagi Reddy
Dialogues: Madhu Thotapalli
Cameraman: V Srinivasa Reddy
Choreography: Laurance, Tara & Kala
Theatrical Release Date
16th September 1999
Story Line
Struggles of a kind hearted man who is been crucified through out his life for the faults he is not responsible for.

Krishna Babu (Balakrishna) is the man of jamindar clan in Krishnapuram, who is considered as the most important man in that village. Vijay Babu (Abbas) is his brother doing his graduation in Hyderabad. Chandra Babu (Chandra Mohan) is the maternal uncle of KrishnaBabu who stays along with him to take care of him.

Krishnapuram is getting ready to celebrate the festival Ugadi under the aegis of KrishnaBabu. There is some dance program and the dance troop is awaited. As the new head master enters village with his family and his harmony box the servants of krishna Babu mistakes him to be the dance master and engages them to their guest house. There you go!! Krishna Babu meets the sensuous damsel Rama (Meena), the daughter of the new head master.

Sarvarayudu (Ramireddy) is another maternal uncle of KrishnaBabu, who has a family feud with Krishna Babu. Sarvarayudu has a daughter, whom he want to get married to KrishnaBabu. But she is in deep love with their servant Sivaji Raja. KrishnaBabu takes an instrumental role in getting her married to Sivaji Raja.

Rama and KrishnaBabu fall in love over the period of time. Meantime Vijay Babu is in love till his neck with his classmate Shilpa (Raasi) in Hyderabad. Rama and KrishnaBabu are all set to get engaged to each other. Enter the jailor (Narra), who interrupts the engagement to reveal that KrishnaBabu is a murderer and was in jail for his criminal offense.

*Then Krishna Babu elaborates his flashback.*

KrishnaBabu is the only son of Ranganath and Rajeswari. Ranganath becomes a flirt and started having a lady as a keep in his own house. Rajeswari keeps mum and pretends as if she is sick as she don't want to get the name of Ranganath Spoiled. Chandrababu is the brother of Rajeswari and Sarvarayudu is the brother of the keep. Enter the new kid in the block from Ranganath-Keep combination .... Vijay Babu.

Keep along with Sarvarayudu plans to get rid of Rajeswari by sending a cup of poison adulterated coffee to Rajeswari through KrishnaBabu. Ranganath accidentally drinks it and expires. The blame is put on Krishna Babu as the murderer and Rajeswari as the conspirator. KrishnaBabu is taken to police station and Rajeswari dies of heart attack seeing the death of her husband and plight of her son.

Meantime Sarvarayudu murders his own sister and sends Vijay Babu to the orphanage. KrishnaBabu instructs Chandra Babu to take good care of Vijay Babu by sending him to city and giving good education. He makes sure that Vijay Babu believes that Krishna Babu is his own brother.

The kid Krishna Babu is sent to jail and after hibernation away from society of 14 years, he returns back to his village to take the reigns of the kindhearted leader of Krishnapuram by winning the goodwill of village men.

*End of the flash back*

Everyone sheds tears listening to the sad flashback. Engagement is over on a happy note. Meantime the ex-warden (Sutti Velu) of KrishnaBabu comes and meets him. Upon enquiry ex-warden tells him that he is having a daughter and he saved his 3 lac money in a chit fund jointly owned by his friend for her marriage.

Sarvarayudu is on fire seeing Krishna Babu, who arranged the marriage between his daughter and the servant, getting engaged to Rama. He kidnaps Rama. He soils the eyes of KrishnaBabu who came to rescue Rama. In that process Krishna Babu, whose vision was temporarily impaired due to soil, murders Rama.


KrishnaBabu is again sent to jail for murdering Rama for 7 years. Sarvarayudu is sent to jail for 3 years for instigating KrishnaBabu and causing the murder. By this time Vijay Babu completes his graduation and secures MS admission in USA. KrishnaBabu asks Vijay Babu to go to states and do MS.

When Vijay Babu meets Shilpa, he explains the plight of his brother and confesses her that he cannot get married to her for the next 7 years as he wants his brother to get married first. At the same time Shilpa say that his father might not allow her to be unmarried for 7 years. Then they arrive at the practical solution and decides to leave as friends and to live their own lives forever.

For his good conduct in his jail Krishna Babu is released much earlier than Sarvarayudu. When he is returning home, Krishna Babu watches his ex-warden being beaten up thoroughly by the investors as the owner of chit fund fled with their money. Krishna Babu joins the ex-warden in hospital. Ex-warden dies of wounds asking Krishna Babu to take care of his daughter Shilpa. Krishna Babu pays up all the debts of Chit fund company and takes Shilpa to his house.

As Krishna Babu is mentally wrought with the agony of struggles he is going through, Shilpa makes him the man with the smile by helping him to regain the composure of a normal man. Village men starts questioning the relationship between Krishna Babu and Shilpa. Upon Chandra Babu's request Krishna Babu starts searching for a suitable guy for Shilpa, only to be questioned by cynical probable candidates about the relationship between Shilpa and Krishna Babu.

Chandra Babu makes Shilpa and Krishna Babu agree to his proposal and arranges the marriage of convenience between Krishna Babu and Shilpa. Krishna Babu arranges his marriage to coincide with the Vijay Kumar stay in India. Krishna Babu is aware of the love story going between Vijay Babu and his lover during his graduation days.

Vijay Babu lands up home as Shilpa is getting ready to married to Krishna Babu in a couple of days. Vijay Babu and Shilpa gets shocked looking at each other. All the friends of Vijay Kumar are invited to marriage. Chandra Babu overhears the conversation between Shilpa and Vijay Babu.

As the stage is set for Grand Finale, we are left with a few unanswered questions? Will Chandra Babu tell the truth to Krishna Babu? Do any of Vijay Babu and Shilpa scarifies their life for Krishna Babu? Will the friends of Vijay Babu come for the marriage and tell Krishna Babu about the college love between Vijay Babu and Shilpa? We should also notice a fact that Sarvarayudu is waiting in the wings to take revenge on Krishna Babu and implicate him for the third time!!!. Will the hell break loose?

To know the right answer to this nail biting climax, on has to watch this exhilarating film sitting on the edge of the seats on a silver screen.


Balaiah: This role has the undercurrent emotional struggle and at the same time it has shades of an omnipotent good doer . Balaiah gave an award winning performance with this film. He got molded in to the character with Úlan. He did the perfect balance act between expressive soft, yet powerful emotions and undercurrent psychological burning. He looks slim, very soft and tender in this film.
Meena: She is her role with naturality.
Raasi: She did a role of jolly nature in the first half and serious nature in the second half. Her character was created with such a craftiness that she need no do any emoting. The characters of Balaiah and Chandra Mohan elevates all the scenes of Raasi in second half. This is a memorable character in her career graph.
Chandra Mohan: He deserves a special mention for his powerful action in this film. As Balaiah character under goes the active part of the immense struggle, the character of Chandra Mohan goes through the passive part of emotional struggle of Balaiah. He got a very important full length role in this film. And he impresses everyone with his acting prowess.
Abbas: Of late Abbas seems to be getting roles that have scope for emoting. He did his bit with precision.

The total credit for the smooth execution of scenes and story narration with slick screenplay goes to Muthyala Subbaiah. He knows how to show the sentiment in different films in different ways. This story takes right turns all the time and springs up a few surprising twists. This sensible story needs to be handled sensitively and with the right team behind him he directed this magic film with his hallmark ability.

Story: Producer Chanti gives a very touching story. Its very heartening to see a original, genuine and powerful story coming from the Telugu man when most of our people of hovering on Tamilnadu for stories.

Production: Chanti and Sreenivasa Reddy showed what a technical producer can do for a film. Each and every frame in this film looks rich and meaningful. They worked with proper planning to release this film on the date planned at the start of film, without losing the quality.

Dialogues: This department needs special commendation. Its a welcoming change to listen to Madhu soft dialogues uttered by Balaiah. Madhu gave a perfect balance in the film with his dialogues. He gave the comedy and sentiment in right proportion and at the same time he made sure that the on screen powerful persona of Balaiah is intact.

Music: Listeners were not be pleased with the songs of this film when the audio was released. But watching it on screen is a different experience all together. Koti gave a good music for this film.

Camera: Very good camera work by Sreenivasa Reddy.

Editor: Nice editing by the producer brother V Nagi Reddy.

Dances: All the steps by Balaiah, Meena and Raasi are very sensible and of wide variety. Very good choreography by Laurance, Kala and Tara. Its a treat to watch Balaiah shake his leg with the Australian blond dames in the back drop of Opera House and Sky Scrappers of Sydney in 'Sakhi Mast' song.
The team of Balaiah - Muthyala - Chanti made sure that they hit the bulls eye this time. Full credit goes to all these three people for choosing a sensible story line and sticking to story than preferring to the towering mass persona of post-SSR Balaiah. You can see only characters in this film, not artists. There are a few loopholes in the story and the credit goes to Muthayala for narrating story in such a fascinating style. This film is going to do wonders by getting full marks from critics as well as from box-office. A must see for everyone. Lets see how the viewers of AP will carve the commercial success of 'Krishna Babu'.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Krishna Babu Review
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